Messy Glow Bun | 4th of July Hairstyles

We decided to get really creative with this 4th of July hairstyle! This can be done for any national celebration (July 4th, Canada Day, Australia Day, or for New Year’s Eve, etc.)

About six months ago I was surfing around the internet for fun hair accessories when I stumbled upon a really fun site. It is where I learned about Glowby’s! {Be sure to use coupon code CUTEGIRL10 to receive 10% off of all orders!}

I loved the fiber-optic concept and that you do not have to have a stack of AA batteries stuck in your hair for the lights to work. They do not get hot, and the strands can pretty much work with any style (without breaking). I decided to buy some Glowby’s and try them out.

Side back view of the Messy Glow Bun | 4th of July Hairstyles

I used our popular Messy Bun hairstyle as the base concept, and then wove in the strands of the Glowby throughout. {Luminence offers these in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match them for any holiday, or simply use white ones for weddings or formal dances.}

Side view of the Messy Glow Bun | 4th of July Hairstyles

While we were at a fireworks display, our girls were constantly stopped and asked where we found the glow strands. We noticed plenty of people pointing to our girls, and some even wanted to take photos of the styles on their phones.

Trust us, your girls will be noticed with this style!!!

Items Needed:  Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1-2 large hair elastics, 1 Glowby.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Now, it may look like a bear to take the Glowby out of the Messy Bun, but it really is a 2 second process. Since the strands of the Glowby are smooth plastic fiberoptics, they literally slide right out with a gentle tug on the barrette! No pain!

Hope you enjoy this style, which can be used by girls of all ages on any holiday, or by older girls and women at concerts, dance clubs, etc! Enjoy!

Happy Hairdoing,

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  1. Oh man, I remember how cool I thought this was and it is still. For children though 🙂

  2. I love this idea! Not sure where I could find these in stores. I couldn’t get shipping to come to my house today! So I thought I could use glow sticks instead! I’ll have to try it. I am 11 and hoping it’ll work. Bye! ( “)>

  3. LOVE this! Went to purchase them and tried to use the coupon code, but it will not accept it…I guess this was posted last year though…

  4. This is so cute and so creative! Thank you for sharing your awesome find with the Glowby’s, my daughter is going to love them!!!

  5. I stumbled upon your site after watching your waterfall braid video. OMG! I love this site. I have already forwarded it to all of my friends with little girls. I am also going to attempt the waterfall braid on myself. THANKS!

  6. Saw your postings about the Glowby’s and had to order some of them for my daughter. We are in Scotland and no-one else has them here so a lot of people were very impressed with her hair and the lights!! Your hair-do’s are fantastic…..keep the posts coming.

  7. Hi! My hair is pretty long and thick (it’s down to my waist, and about as thick as your twins’ hair) and some hairstyles, especially buns, are hard for me, just because it’s sometimes hard to keep it in, and when I do, the bun is really big. Do you have any advice (or other hairstyles) you think would work well? Other than that, though, I LOVE this hairstyle, and I love the other ones on your blog as well.

  8. Love these!!! My girls are all grown now, D: but I still use bobby pins. Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time finding good quality bobby pins. When I was younger, you could use a bobby pin a million times, but now the bobby pins I try to use lose their “spring” with one use! I know a lot of things these days (sounded like the old woman I am, right there), are not made to last, but bobby pins? Seriously?!? If I wanted the pins that always stay open, I would buy the open type! Your thoughts?
    P.S. When I was younger and my mother did my hair, I always held up a bobby pin in my right hand near my shoulder where my mom could grab it without asking. It was how I “helped”.

  9. I just found your blog and I LOVE It. The name drew me in. I have 2 adopted girls and one adopted boy and surprise surprise, had a baby last August (HUGE surprise. We were not trying in any way shape or form.) Anyway, I love all the hairstyles because they are easy and don’t require much time. I’m always running out of ideas and my girls and I have had lots of fun looking for new and fun ways to do their hair. Keep the ideas coming!

  10. hi mindy,
    i`m a 12 years old girl from the netherlands and i love your hairstyles. I`ve got red short hair, a little bit llike you. Do you want to make more video`s about that? I always do my own hair. Thank you!
    XXX Sterre

  11. I’m so sad you just posted this as no store in my area sells them and it’s too late to order and use the globy by tonight.

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