Cute Hat & Flower Giveaway!!!

As promised, it is time for another fun giveaway!!! This cute hat and separate flower was provided to Adopt a ‘Do by Joy from Chic & Unique Boutique. (Joy is an old friend of mine, and I beleive I still hold the sales record for her during my home party back in 2008!) This one happens to be one of my favorites! What do you think??? Together, this is a $25 value!

Entry Qualifications: Your chances to win are entirely up to you… go for only one, a few, or go all out for unlimited entries!

1) Visit Chic & Unique Boutique and comment here with what you would buy with only $20. (1 entry)

2) Follow us on this blog by clicking “Follow” in my right sidebar [or if you already follow] and leave a comment here stating so. (1 entry)

3) Follow our fanpage on Facebook [or if you already follow] and leave a comment here stating so. (1 entry)

4) Now, for the unlimited part…

… on the Adopt a ‘Do Fanpage on Facebook, there is a “Suggest to Friends” link. For every 5 friends you suggest to our Fanpage, you will receive one additional entry! Just keep track of each set of five friends and then report back here with a comment for each five.

As always, this contest is open to everyone, including my awesome fellow hairbloggers, and we will be accepting entries for this giveaway until 12:00 midnight the night of November 30th! Also, as our October and November Hairdoers of the Month, Marilyn and Misty, are guaranteed 20 free entries in this contest (I will be adding their entries interspersed throughout the other entries). The winner of this giveaway will be drawn and posted on December 1st.

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I would buy the flower “FL61” because I think it is beautiful, and then I would buy the turquoise and white cadet hat. That gives me a nickel to spare! (If I could, I’d buy 2 of the hat because not only do I think it’d be cute for my dd and I to match, but I think if I only had one, she’d “borrow” it.)

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