Giveaway Winner Announced!

A huge “Thank You” to all of you amazing moms who entered our Cute Hat & Flower Giveaway! We had 311 entries, so let’s take a look at what had to say about the identity of our winner…

It looks like entry #158 is our winner, and that would be Misty! I did a quick count and Misty had 49 entries per the contest rules, and then had additional 20 entries for having been our November’s Hairdoer of the Month! That made 69 entries in total out of 311, with a chance to win at over 22%! (Wow, that has to be a record as I do not believe anyone has ever had that many entries in any of my giveaways!)

Misty, if you would email me your mailing address… I will get this cute gift mailed to you as soon as possible!

For anyone wanting extra entries into our next giveaway, please do not forget to supply your submission for December’s Hairdoer of the Month contest (I will give 2 entries for each sumbission, with the winner getting 20). The winning entry will be posted on Monday, December 7th…click the link to see submission guidelines!

Happy Holidays!

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