Most Amazing Birthday Candle Ever…

This has absolutely nothing to do with hair, but something that I just had to share!

For anyone who knows my family, you know that we celebrate three of our daugters’ birthdays the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day (K on Dec 27th and the twins on Dec 31st). As such, you also know that for me this week is likely the most hectic of all weeks every single year (given the holidays, family/friend parties, cakes, gifts, etc).

I struggle every year to come up with fun birthday cake ideas for the girls. This year their “friend” birthday party (celebrated early) was a Chinese theme, which was simply fun to put together. While researching “Chinese Candles”, I stumbled upon a link to this candle. The girls had no idea that this was a special candle like no other they have seen! Here are photos of thier cakes and the candle…

Now, to see what it does… click the video below! (This cake was actually K’s cake, since we did not film the twins’ cakes with the Flip camera). Be sure to note the hilarious ending! Extreme caution was used in keeping the adults and kids away from the cakes, as instructed on the box!

* For anyone interested in this candle, it can be found on the My Birthday Candle website.

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. That’s so cool!! Now why can’t I have a cake with candles like that? My birthday’s in 1 week. Think I can get one in that time?

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