Poll Results and Coupon Link…

Well, the results of my “What would you like to see more of on Adopt a ‘Do?” poll are in, and out of 250 votes… here are your results in descending order:

* Like it as is… 91 votes (47%)
* Daddy Do’s… 70 votes (36%)
* Instructional Videos… 67 votes (34%)
* Viewers Submitted Photos … 22 votes (11%)

I very much appreciate everyone’s votes and for expressing how much you enjoy this blog! I will also do my best to include more Daddy Do’s here (I am sure my husband is going to LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVE this!) and video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

On another note, here is hoping that Orange Julius is better prepared than KFC was earlier in May!

Orange Julius Smoothie Coupon
Click on this link to obtain a printable PDF coupon good for 1 Free 20-oz Light Smoothie on June 19th!

Happy Hairdoing!

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