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In case you haven’t noticed, ponytails aren’t just for convenience and workouts anymore. Done right, they can actually be part of an elegant look. As they have become more fashionable, several gadgets have popped up that promise to take your ponytail up to the next level. But do they get the job done? We tested a few out to see.

Poofy Pony

We struggled a bit (ok, a lot) with the instructions on this one. The device was this short plastic tube with claws and it said we were supposed to screw it into the center of the ponytail and then spread the hair around it. But how?! We figured out that you go under the ponytail and then just stick it to the spot where you want the ponytail to go. Then you gather up the hair around the gadget and pull your hair up into a regular ponytail and put the elastic around the plastic piece. 

There really wasn’t a visible improvement and it left the hair knotted up. This one was definitely a fail.

Perfect Hairstyle

Well, there weren’t any directions with this one, so we were left to our own devices to figure it out. Again, it was another plastic piece that we stuck into a hole in the ponytail and then tied the elastic around the plastic. This one did provide a little lift and didn’t mess up the hair.

It wasn’t a dramatic difference, but this gets a low fab from us.

Pony Puffer

This one is a claw-like device. Go ahead and put your hair into a ponytail. Push the claw through the ponytail and then back down under the elastic. It was DEFINTELY a look, but it split the ponytail in half, so the two sides were falling open, which totally exposed the device.

This one was a HARD no.

Ponyfull by KitschPRO

You’ll again start with a ponytail already up. Split the ponytail in half horizontally, place Ponyfull with pic facing downward and self-gripping material facing your palm. Gently hook the pic in the center of the pony, pushing downward. Release the top half of the ponytail down to adjust and cover.

This one was my favorite. It gave the ponytail a nice lift and you couldn’t see the gadget through pony. However, it did have that gripping material, which made it a bit of struggle to get it out. So, it gets a medium fab.

No Gadgets Hack

I have some tricks of my own to get a fun ponytail. If you want to go the natural route, comb it all up and go a little high. Use one elastic to secure it. Then take a second elastic on top of the first for an extra lift and wrap a piece of hair around the elastics to cover them up. Finally, secure the hair with a bobby pin. Easy peasy and it looked just as good as any of the gadgets (and better than most!). Plus, it was pain-free.

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