October 30, 2008

Q & A #1: Thick Hair and Rubber Bands

Question: My daughter has SUPER thick hair and I have a hard time finding a rubber band that will hold it all and keep it in…any suggestions???

I posed this same question to my dear friend Jenny before answering because her daughters literally have the thickest hair I have ever seen. This was both of our opinions….

Answer: We don’t have a specific brand we use (although Goody is good). I usually buy what I can find at Target or Walmart. HOWEVER, I always stretch and pull on the rubber bands before buying. There really is a difference between brands. Some have very little elasticity while others are super tight. I always buy the tightest ones I can find. Though they are harder to work with initially because they don’t have a lot of stretch, they hold the hair much better. Double up on rubber bands in one hair style to help as well. My poor rubber bands usually break into pieces by the time I am done with them! Hope that helps!

Happy Hairdoing!

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