October 06, 2008

Tips & Tricks #4: Sharks (hair that pokes out)

Have you ever gotten completely done with a braid only to find one rogue piece of hair bumping out? These little flyers can ruin even the best of hairstyles! I call these flyers ‘sharks‘ since they often look like a shark fin on the head. Nobody wants to start over after already doing the whole hairdo.

Here’s a trick that works with most sharks. This one is hard to see, but if you look at the second braid to the left, right where the braid changes from a french braid to a regular braid, you will notice a shark (yes I’m really quite picky!)…

Take a bobby pin and grab the middle of the shark. Push bobby pin down into hair until hidden. This takes the excess hair in the shark and incorporates it back into the braid…

Voila!! A now-hidden Shark! (I am using my comb in this shot to show you where the bobby pin ended up.)

Happy Hairdoing!

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