Scalp Massagers | Fab or Fail?

Mother and daughter are testing multiple head massagers on the mother's head.

Who doesn’t love a good head massage?  Apart from the obvious calming effects, a good head massage can also stimulate scalp circulation, ultimately boosting hair growth. So in order to find this ultimate tool of relaxation, I decided to try several options and see which option works the best for me!

Manual Massagers

Body Back Scalp Massager/Head Massager for Stress Relief, Head Scratcher, Gold
Spider Head Massager | Amazon for $5.95

First up, we have the Spider Head Massager. It’s simple and gets the job done! Run it up, down, and across your scalp, and you’ll get a calm overall feeling. I’m telling you – I had goosebumps! This device is the definition of “less is more.” The trick is figuring out how to perfectly layout the legs into the scalp, and then you’re in massage heaven. Overall, I give this one a thumbs up.

HaloVa Head Massager, Fashionable Comfortable Convenient Handheld Claw Therapeutic Scalp Massager for Full-body Relaxation Health Care, Blue
HaloVa Head Massager | Amazon for $6.50

The next simple, easy-to-use massager is called the HaloVa Head Massager. Instead of a massage, I got more of a head rub out of this device. While the design looked promising, it didn’t provide much pressure and I felt like it wasn’t really stimulating my hair follicles or my scalp. Not a win in my book. That’s a thumbs down for me!

Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush - for Exfoliating Treatment, Shampoo Scrubbing, and Hair Growth (Green)
Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush | Amazon for $5.95

I was very curious about this next brush. The Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush states it’s 2-in-1 scalp massager and shampooer. I mean, who doesn’t want to try that out? This design uses rectangular silicone bristles to provide a vibration effect. Unfortunately, when it came to testing the brush, the bristles required more effort for a less than satisfying massage. Talk about, uncomfortable. Thumbs down!

Purple Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, FReatech [Wet & Dry] Manual Head Scalp Massage Brush, Soft Silicone Bristles Care for The Scalp
FReatech Wet & Dry Scalp Brush | Amazon for $6.98

Lastly, we have the FReatech Wet & Dry Scalp Brush. At first glance, this one is very similar to the Zyllion Scalp massager. Built similar but instead of rectangular bristles, this brush came with triangular ones. The FReatech won me over, however! The silicone bristles offer way more flexibility and movement. I decided to put this massager to work and did the shampoo test. Let’s say I found myself a new shampoo scrubber AND massager – Thumbs up!


Tezam Head Massager Neck Massage Octopus Scalp Stress Relax Spa Therapy Healing, Soft Resin Finger Gripper Claw Electronic Head Spa Vibration Scalp Massage Tool, Brown
Tezam Head Massager | Amazon for $12.99

On to the battery-powered massagers! It’s incredible how many massagers you can find on Amazon! First, is the Tezam Head Massager. This massager requires two AAA batteries with a simple On/Off button. While I did get a fantastic hand massager, the Tezam didn’t do much for my scalp. Overall, the vibration was weak and not comfortable. Thumbs down!

Scalp Massager Anti Hair Loss Hair Growth Comb Massage Stress Relax Electric Regrowth Hair Massager Brush,
Comb Head Massager | Amazon for $19.98

Next, we have the Comb Head Massager, which requires two AA batteries. Although it looks basic, this isn’t your typical hairbrush. This product comes with interchangeable bristle pieces and different massager level. Did I mention it’s multipurpose? It has infrared heating and smart red light technology. I must say, without testing it, I was pretty impressed! That all changed once I placed it on my scalp. It seems like it was more of a vibrating hairbrush than a massager. This design was not working for me. Thumbs down.

Ikeepi Scalp Massager, Vibration Head Massager for Stress Relaxation, Hair Stimulation, 2 Different Massage Heads- Massaging Face, Neck, Back &Legs
Ikeepi Scalp Massager | Amazon for $17.99

The Ikeepi Scalp Massager was honestly a pleasant surprise! This device also requires 2 AA batteries and comes with multiple pieces as add-ons. The massager may have surpassed my expectations! Yes, it still vibrates more than it massages, but I’d say it provides a very relaxing vibration. It combs through the hair easily and offers great headache relief. This one is a keeper! Thumbs way up!

Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager (Bombshell Blue) Rejuvenating Handheld Shampoo Brush, 2-Speed Vibrating, Water Resistant
Vanity Planet Groove Rejuvenating Scalp Massager | Amazon for $15.97

Another 2-in-1 scalp massager and shampooer I found was the Vanity Planet Groove Rejuvenating Scalp Massager. This massager seems to have taken inspiration from the FReatech and The Zyllion, offering two types of silicone bristles. Rectangle and triangle. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t working for me. The bristles are super stiff, and not even the 2nd level option was doing the trick. You know where this is going – thumbs down!

LATME Electric Scalp Head Massager with Vibration Mode Portable Handheld with Deep Tissue Kneading Stimulating Hair Growth Stress Release Full Body Massage for Muscles Back Shoulder Calf Pain.
DEDAKJ Electric Handheld Shampoo Brush | Amazon for $47.95

Last but not least, I decided to try a pricier option. The DEDAKJ Electric Handheld Shampoo Brush is a rechargeable and battery-operated massager that not only offers speed options but different massage settings. While the concept is eye-catching, the results fall short. In my opinion, this design is not worth the money spent. It offers a very mediocre massage and felt like it was knotting my hair in the process! My final thumbs down.

Final Thoughts

There are definitely many options, both manual and electronic, for an effective and relaxing head massager. After trying a few out, my top three contenders are the Spider Massager, the Ikeepi Scalp Massager, and the FReatech Wet & Dry Scalp Brush. Out of these products, I would have to say the Ikeepi is my favorite! I give it a FAB because it offers a great head scratch/massage and works through the hair nicely without leaving a knotted mess. 

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