Sock Curls | No-Heat Curls Hairstyles

By popular request, and because no-heat hairstyle ideas are very popular right now… we decided to share one of the curling techniques my grandma used on me when I was little.

Back view of No-Heat Hairstyles | Sock Curls

This hairstyle curling tip uses a little bit of water and socks! Yes, mens socks {clean ones, of course} to curl hair!

Now, like we did in the Headband Curls, you want to start with dry hair. Then gently spritz the hair with a water spray bottle. You will want the hair to be slightly damp, but not wet.

{If you do this directly out of the shower, your curls will likely not hold when you take out the socks.  It is important that you start out with dry hair.}

I also decided to try a little bit of curl enhancer {my first time using it} that I rubbed into the ends of the hair, to see how it works.

I then grabbed a section of hair from the top of the head and rolled the hair around the sock until I reached close to the scalp and then tied the sock. I did the same for the back-lower hair, as well as one each on the sides of the head. That makes a total of 4 tied socks.

If you are worried about the socks becoming loose or untying, you can sleep with a silk scarf over the hair.

Portrait of young girl modeling No-Heat Hairstyles | Sock Curls {Front}

After a good night’s sleep, you are ready to take out the socks. You will be amazed at how easy this hairstyle is, and how wonderful your curls will look after using only socks!

I guarantee you will get compliments on your curls, and when you tell everyone you used “socks” to get them… just watch their faces!


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, water bottle, curl enhancer, 4 mens socks, hairspray and accessory {as desired}

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!! My best friend showed me this site and I am in love. I hate my hair-it’s really thick and not very long, so finding anything to do with it that will stay is a challenge. Although my mom’s hair is thick, it holds heated curls incredibly well. My hair, on the other hand, does not. Once I used hot rollers for 30 minutes to an hour and when I took them out the little ringlets were gone in 5 minutes. When I sleep overnight in braids my hair stays wavy for the entire day, so I thought no heat curls showed some promise. Would these no heat curls work for me?

  3. Where can you buy the curl enhancer stuff because my sister trying doing my hair and well it didn’t curl at all.

  4. For some reason these don’t work on my hair… Instead of lovely bouncy curls like the ones your daughter got I end up with straight hair with a tiny bit of curl at the ends (I have naturally straight hair). Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it work?

  5. I am very impressed how these curls turned out! Although, I did notice that they are near to impossible to sleep in. Maybe paper bags would be easier…..

  6. Sooo these are rag curls, but done with socks…(I personally prefer paper bags because I find it easier to roll them myself, and it recycles a grocery bag when I’ve forgotten to bring one of my own bags. The strips will last for a few uses.) Cute idea.

  7. hi mindy, im 15 and i put the socks in at 8 last night and took them out this morning at 5. i have a choir concert tonight, and figured it would look great because we are also dancing… the curls are looking stunning and beautiful. I’ll be back soon for more ideas <3

  8. I was lookin 4 hair styles to do with my daughters hair wich is very culy( mixed)& i found this.i so look forward to trying this on MY HAIR as it dosnt hold a curl unless i sleep in foam rollers(im alaska native&i know many of my indian friends have the same problem).so we shall see how it goes

  9. I tried doing it your way on myself, and found it a bit difficult, so I just did the curls on the side of my head and they turned out absolutely gorgeous! I wore it to school with the pancake braids and got heaps of compiments! Thanks to you and your grandma, I know know how to curl my haair effortlessly with this ingenious technique. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  10. Hi Mindy, I saw this a while ago and wanted to try it on my little girl (who is a few months off 3). She has lovely long hair but pretty straight. Anyway I got all the socks in her hair then she realised I was putting socks in and got upset about it saying she didn’t want socks in her hair…. so I then sneakily got them back in while she was busy ‘cooking me dinner’ and snuck her off to bed without brushing her teeth as I didn’t want her to see it in the mirror! (naughty I know) Anyway, shame, this morning, she had obviously pulled 2 of them out. The bottom middle and one side. But the other two have made these amazing curls… So disappointing! 🙂 Will try again soon!

  11. wow………… nice styling………….would would also like to kw how i can style braids,my hair is naturally short.

  12. Works great! And for the ladies asking what curl enhancer she used: ulta ultimate styling defining curl enhancer
    That’s what it’s called.

  13. We used your sock curls idea in my daughter’s hair Sunday night, they lasted all day!! She looked so cute. Wanted to leave a quick thank you, we’re both big fans of yours and your beautiful girls! What type of curl enhancer did you use? We’ve tried several but haven’t found one that really works yet.

  14. My daughter and I love looking at your website for new hairstyles to try. Your instructions are easy to follow and hairdos are great. Thanks Mindy

  15. Hello! This would look really pretty if you had the same color hair as your socks, and you just left it in…I would just do three in the back, though…

  16. Oh my gosh this is amazing! I have done this on both myself and my older sister and it’s gorgeous. It’s great for before school,or even for a formal event. I wore these sock curls with the Bohemian braid hairstyle to my cousins wedding and I got so many comments. Thanks<3

  17. Hi! i am 11 and the curls shown here are amazing, but they are really hars to do myself. i know i could ask my mom but she is really hardworking. could you please shoot a video that includes curls but is really to do on your self? thank you!!!

  18. Hi! I am 10 years old and I was wondering if you could post more braids and things for short hair??? I always try your things because they are so cute! But, they don’t work bc of my short hair! Thanks!!! Email Me: [email protected]

  19. Hi! I am 10 years old and I was wondering if you could post more braids and things for short hair??? I always try your things because they are so cute! But, they don’t work bc of my short hair! Thanks!!! Email Me: [email protected]

  20. K so i really think this udea is great but if u have natural cutls dont do it!!they dont come out right the water turns ur hair natural and puffy

  21. it works on my hair and its black!!!!! i guess im perfect!!!!!!! im really preety im a lucky charm im so sexy

  22. i been doing these hair styles since last year on my self and my hair dose not curl easy so were do you get the curling gel

  23. So darn cute!! I like to give them a quick spritz of hairspray before I go to bed, another spritz before I take out the socks, and one more sprit to finish it off. I have worn this to school and even though I have natuarally curly hair and I usually leave it curly, people were commenting in it all day!! Also, she has already posted a video for the other braids… THANK YOU MINDY!!!!

  24. WOW!!!! Mindy u are AMAZING. I love to curl my hair and it always looks pretty much the same… and now it can be different. i like how they are a little poofy and really curly.
    Thank you so much i will have to try it tonight!!!!


  25. i did these last night and they were amazing, apart from one problem they only lasted half the school day. and in answer to other peoples questions the socks don’t have to be mans work socks i just used my standed supermarket school socks.

  26. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Thank you so much for this tutorial, i tried it out and it worked amazingly! i even made the ‘pancake braids’ and my hair looked awesome!

  28. This is amazing! I have naturally curly hair,but i’ve always wanted more curls. I have a huge event coming up tomorrow and I am doing this tonight. It’s so pretty. Love your daughters hair. I have red hair and it’s thick so this will be perfect(:

  29. I’m 8 and my mom did my hair in sock curls and i loved it and i told my mom that it is awesome! Great thanks!!!

  30. I have done this twice on my daughter who has fine shoulder length perfectly straight hair. The 2nd time, I adjusted and used 6 socks instead of 4 and the curls turned out much better. Holds basically all day w/o much hairspray. Makes the hair so much fuller and bouncy! We both love the results! I had my doubts, I had used foam rollers before and they didn’t seem to do to well and they hurt for her to sleep in, but this works GREAT! Thanks!

  31. i am 11 and i love how theese curls look so tonight i am going to do that and see what happends! i love this website it gives me all kinds of cool hair ideas!

  32. absoultely PRECIOUS! its really cute how it look, then with this curls you can do the taylor swift love story hairstyle and it would look so so cute! i havent try but i think it would look really good

  33. To Emily:
    Yes, I think those are pancake braids. Thanks for sharing that. I love them.
    To Everyone Else:
    I think they are pancake braids, the video about them has the same picture. They are absolutely gorgeous.

  34. It’s wonderful that you do this for us. I really like that you are willing to share your great ideas and styles. Note to all who ask it: correct me if I’m wrong, are the braids not pancake braids? Look it up on YouTube.

  35. Awwww! sadface I did this on my hair last nigh….but since i have short hair it didn’t work too well. So i think I’m gonna try to do a couple of more socks next time. :D… the website!

  36. I finally got the chance to try this on my 9yo. She slept in her dad’s socks last night and was thrilled with lots of beautiful curls this morning! We used no hair gel and the curls were still awesome!

  37. Love the curls, Just wondering if you can tell me more about the curl enhancer product you mention in the video. My daughter could really us something to help those cute curls last longer.
    Thank you!!

  38. I have noticed that my hair is actually pretty long and that i dont just have to wear it down everyday so i somehow found your website, wich i am now ADDICTED to,i do the hairstyles that you have on your website. you make everything look so pretty and simple, please for the sake of all of us dont stop making videos. Thank you for all your wonderful videos !!!!!!!

  39. we are so thankful you know these hair styles.WE the three girls love the hair styles keep posting more viedos .

  40. I tried this the other day and it worked amazingly!! It stayed curly almost all day and I got many compliments on it. THANK YOU 4 this hairstyle!!!

  41. I just want to say that your hairstyles are beeeaaauuutiful. My daughter is 3 (not so much hair) but I always use the hairstyles that I see here that I can apply to her hair length. I can’t wait until her hair is long enough for me to experiment with all these styles. I would also LOVE to try this curling method to my OWN hair! lol Anyway, I found your website by chance one day by googling around, & I am so thankful that I did. Thank you so much for taking the time to film the hairstyles and post them up. 🙂

  42. I LOVE THIS!!!! I showed this to my mom and afterwords she told me she wanted to know how to do the braid at the top. I so want to try this and see what people say. I sort of have naturally wavy hair. Which, can be pretty but sometimes, it gets really boring. I LOVE all the hair styles that you do and I pretty much want to try all of them. I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THIS!!!!!

  43. Hi, I’m a ten year old girl who loves LOVES doing hair! Since I’ve been watching your videos I’ve been getting better and better! I luv all your videos too! I was going to ask if you can show us how to do a braid bun. I’ve heard if you sleep in it it will make your hair curly but how do I make my hair not be frizzy?

  44. I love this! I’m a teen with blah hair that’s not curly but not straight either, just puffy. My hair is weird and I find that if I wash my hair at night, towel it, and do this style, It looks amazing! Being the noncomformist rebel, I love curls and I HATE using heat so thank you so much for this! <3

  45. I love this idea and I love the braid even more, if you could please show a video on how to do the braid that would make me do this 🙂

  46. Ooo so cute i love it, but can you tell me what to replace instead of socks because i don’t have long socks and ya pleas do a video on how to do the braid that is above the curls. 🙂 <3 U

  47. Love this! Super easy with only 4 socks! I never would have guessed that. I’m not savvy enough to figure out the braids on my own, so I agree with everyone else requesting a video how to do that part of it too!!

  48. Christeen- I’m hoping that sometime this week I’ll be able to try this, so I’ll use your idea, and use thin socks and some product. If I get to it, I’ll try to come back and say if it worked or not. Thanks for your suggestion!

    Also I think that Mindy’s daughters should each post a little something about themselves. Also how old are they?

  49. Soooo cute! I tried that on my hair today and it worked beautifully! I also loved the barids over top the curls though- could you PLEASE do a tutorial for that? It’s adorable!

  50. WOW LOVE the curls! Have to try this! Next sunday I’ll have a ladies only day out, hope the’ll work on me as good as they work on your dd hair!

  51. Cara- You might need to use thinner socks, and smaller sections for it to turn out curly on shorter hair. It would probably be a good idea to use some kind of product like mousse or curl enhancer too. Good luck! 🙂

  52. Oh yeah also when does your daughter get her braces off? I get mine off in February. Hang in there, it’s all worthwhile!

  53. These look impressive! Do you think they’ll work on shorter hair, because when I tried headband curls on my hair, it just turned out wavy 🙁

  54. Cute! Heat doesn’t seem to have much affect on my hair, so no heat styles are nessacary for curls. How did you do the braids?

  55. This is too funny! I too had no heat curls as a girl only my g’ma used panty hose for my curls. I have been wanting to try it with my daughter but could not remember how to do it. Thanks for this idea seems much easier than when I tried with my daughter and nylons! I too used a silk scarf at sleep time!
    love your site and the wonderful and fun ideas
    thank you

  56. Seriously what a WONDERFUL EASY style. I can’t wait to try on my 2 yr old. I actually want to wake her up but will try I hope tomorrow night! Thanks!!!!

  57. This looks like a great new heatless ‘do for my daughter. I would love to know how you did those braids over the curls. Is there already a video or pictures about this style? Or could you let me know how you did it. It brings the curls to the next level!

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