May 13, 2010

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The idea for Cute Girls Hairstyles began years ago. It was 2001, in fact, when my twin daughter’s were 18 months old. I quickly became tired of the simple “waterspout” piggies on top and eager to try out some new hairstyles. As their hair grew longer, and as my mind could not keep track of the hairdo’s… I decided to take pictures of each hairstyle and place them into a small photo album to be kept by the bathroom sink.

Well, we added two more daughters and many more hairstyles as the years went by. When the twins entered school, I found them flipping through the hairdo book every morning looking for their ‘do for the day. {They were certainly more invested in the hairdo time when they had a say in which hairstyle to go with!}

During those seven years, that photo book had been worn ragged by all four of my girls. It was not until October 2008 when I finally decided to record the hairstyles in a blog format so that I had something “permanent” to reference. As friends, family, and even strangers asked me how I made a certain hairstyle, it was very easy to refer them to the blog for step-by-step instructions.

Well, friends told more friends, and they told friends, etc. Now Cute Girls Hairstyles has become a hairstyle reference for hundreds of thousands of moms and girls all over the world!

I also share my passion for adoption and we have assisted several families to be more open to it… even helping place several beautiful babies into wonderful adoptive homes.  We now have a total of six beautiful children, each of whom we love dearly.

{Feel free to click Our Adoption Story to read our own miracle with our son.  Our daughter’s adoption story is forthcoming…}

Big hugs to you all!

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What do you get when you cross 34 yrs of living, 14 yrs of marriage, one HOT husband, five adorable daughters, one handsome son, and tons of great family and friends? Pretty much the sum total of who I am!!

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