Katie Rossi


Katie is a stay at home mother, a cosmetologist and a photographer. When her oldest daughter, Abella started school, she challenged herself to do a new hairstyle on her each day of the year. Soon, she had people from all around the school telling her that they always looked forward to seeing what Abella’s hair would look like each day. She started posting photos of her hairstyles on Instagram and had a large and unexpected amount of people wanting to follow her to see what she would come up with next. Not too long after that, she started doing tutorials and pictorials because people were always asking her how to do the hairstyles she was posting. She also wanted to improve her photography skills so her posts would look more professional, so she spent months reading blogs and watching tutorials on photography and photo editing. Once her photography improved, companies started contacting her asking if they could send accessories and clothing for her children to model. She found that she really enjoyed putting together a whole look each day from the hair all the way down to the shoes and share it with the world. She loves how fashion and hair styles are always changing and loves that it keeps her on her toes. Katie’s biggest goal is to always inspire others to be creative and positive, no matter what age or background.