Blended Families | Mom Minute

December 14, 2013

We often are asked about our older childrens’ reaction when we adopted trans-racially, and I equate it similarly to the preparation and treatment when families are blended {through marriage, with or without kids}.

Anytime you introduce a new dynamic into a family, being a new person or persons, it definitely takes an adjustment of cultures on both parties.

I firmly believe that “family” is the single-most important social unit in the world, and that it begins with the couple and extends out to the children.

Blended Families | Mom Minute

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, I talk about how I prepared my girls for the adoption of my son and daughter, and how by doing so… they became truly colorblind and a pure love prevailed.

The same formula will work in blended families, when we understand that our individuality is what makes us beautiful, and that a step-sibling can be just as much a sister or brother as those related to us blood.

Blended Families | Mom Minute

What I can tell you, is that respect for the individual and a genuine love for them is what will make a blended family work. I have seen this in my husband’s family, and other families we are close to. You can see today’sThe Mom’s View Mom Minute episode on blended families below…

Happy Parenting!

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