December 03, 2009

Strange Christmas Hairstyles…

In honor of this Holiday Season, I decided to post a few photos of wild and crazy hairdo’s that any of you “adventurous” or wild moms could try if you wanted! I am not sure what these people were thinking, but I am sure they took home the grand prize at the family or work party! Take a look at these…

Someone is going to get their eye poked out in #2, or at least could use this ‘do to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire! I loved the food in the teeth of the guy in #4! What was he thinking with the eyebrows? The last lady, I am sure, is looking down at all the presents people started placing underneath her in the church foyer! Feel free to pass this along!

Happy Holidays!

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  • Stephanie

    I’m a big fan of your site and ideas. I always recommend your site to others, but after viewing this post and your comments I’m not that impressed! Your comments seem nothing short of mean-spirited! Sad, really! You seem so nice on your tutorials 🙁

  • hannah

    Those are weird, but I really like the first one on that one girl mindy i love the star for the fourth of July, kinda too late for that holiday but i can do it for Christmas instead. And for people who are thinking christmas is a long time away me and my grandparents dont celabrate christmas on christmas because my grampa has cancer and we dont when he feels good enough for is to visit.

  • haha these people are cra cra!!!!!!!!! i love your web site!!!!!

  • Meghan

    Hey mindy,

    I’m Meghan from Minnesota and my school has school spirit day so I wanted to do something with my hair because I have nothing to wear. Any suggestions with ribbons???

  • kenziey

    these are the craziest hairstyles ive ever seen!!:)

  • for crazy hair day… mmm… CUTE!

    well actually is weird but its really fun for that day!
    i really like the one of the christhmas tree

  • Ally

    I LOVE YOUR HAIRSTYLES!! Can you put some hairstyles up that are easy for shoulder length hair, for school and PE and stuff??? Please

  • s.m

    these are very strange hairstyles!!!