Our Newest Addition

For a few months now, we have been working through the adoption process again and many of you may remember because we announced our original intent here. But, some of you may have forgotten and wondered where I have been or why I had not been posting as much recently…

Well, we are so happy to announce the addition of CUTE GIRL #5
(child #6)! ** All photos were taken by my good friend, Katie, at Peekaboo Photos. Please do check out her website and Facebook Page!

 Cute baby sleeping 1

Here are the brief details:

  • She was born 3 1/2 weeks early.
  • Born in Reading, PA.
  • Birthdate: Feb 10
  • Birth weight: 5 lbs 5 oz
  • Height: 18 inches
  • We had to wait 9 days in PA before bringing her home.

Cute Baby sleeping

I wish you all could have seen the twins’ reaction when we finally arrived home! Our flight arrived late at night, and by the time we arrived home the three younger children had already gone to bed. As much as they tried, they simply couldn’t stay awake… but the twins were not going to let sleep get in the way!

My husband filmed their reaction, so maybe, just maybe, we will post it!

Cute Baby

The birthmother was absolutely amazing, and feels more like a sister to me than a “birth mom”. Her extended family welcomed us and congratulated us, and were absolutely wonderful to spend time with.

I am currently going through my journal and emails to compile our daughter’s adoption story similar to the one we did for our son. Be sure to check back soon for it!

Cute baby sleeping

As you might know, we are getting a huge following on YouTube for this website and its tutorials… I uploaded this “New Addition” announcement video yesterday on YouTube and it is already the 13th most discussed video today in the “How To” category. I really love to read all the feedback such wonderful people have posted about us and our family! You will also get a kick out of my son’s comments about his new baby sister!

Please feel free to go here and leave a comment on the video and help us get to #1 Most Discussed!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Your hairstyles are the cutest and your children too. I have been adopted in 2011 it change my whole life. I really felt safe and had a parent to talk to things about. I use to live on the street with my sister ( the most scariest feeling ever) I was always scare now i don’t have to i have a mother that protects me.

  2. i love your hair styles they are lovely!I need a request to post on youtube so far ive done the sockbun tutorial…

  3. Hi Mindy! I am a 16 year old twin and my twin sis found your website last month! Ever since, I go everywhere with a cute and cool hair do. =) One of my lil brothers is adopted from Ukraine and he has been the greatest blessing to our family! I have 4 siblings, by the way. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your encouraging story and the way you unashamedly present your family’s values. And of course the awesome hairstyles!

  4. hi mindy! I am from Australia and I love your hairstyles I am just learning how to do my daughters hair. congratulations on your beautiful family. We had a long hard road on IVF to have 3 of our 4 children, the fourth was just an amazing blessing. we were young so we would never have been aproved to adopt. now my husband is disabled and we are older we have been learning the process of adopting our 5th child. I find you inspiring. thankyou

  5. Hey Mindy! I was just wonderin! I jut fell in love when i saw those backrounds. Where did you go to take them? email me back.

  6. To my surprise and utter enjoyment, I saw you Friday on 20/20 and when they mentioned 5 little girls, I was like wait, 5? I thought there were only 4? So obviously I have been away from this site for a bit and have missed out on the exciting news…So many congrats for you, the family and the newest little member…So totally sweet…I enjoyed the segment so much I profiled you on my Friday post on my blog…I love this site..I still have some troubles doing the styles but hope to be a master like you one day.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your stories with us….

  7. I am so happy that I found this website! I have 2 girls and 1 boy that I am currently in the process of adopting (Through Foster care). The girls love this website, because they always find new and exciting hair styles to try. Thank you so much for posting your story, and all of your great work.

  8. I just found your website today and I absolutely LOVE it! I love the hair ideas, (they are AMAZING! and will be so helpful for me-I know my daughters will be thrilled that I can finally do something cute for their hair!) but, I love the adoption stories even more. As a Mom of SIX adopted children, I just wanted to say, “You Go Girl!” So happy for you and your amazing blessings and miracles. All The Best To Your Beautiful Family!!

  9. so i just commented elsewhere on your site about reading your first adoption story–and now i found this one! congratulations! that is so wonderful:)

  10. I keep thinking about your new little girl. I am excited to watch when you get to play with curls!

  11. Mindy, congratulation!

    I love the hairstyle of one of the twins, I think is the oldest… Is there any video of it ??

  12. I have been following your site since before you adopted your first little guy! Congrats on your 2nd apoption! She looks so sweet! I can’t wait to see how you are going to fix her hair! How fun! : )

  13. Good morning! I just found your site while looking for new braiding ideas, and I am SO impressed. The Daddy-do’s are awesome and when I saw “adoption,” I just had to click that, too. My husband & I have one adopted daughter and have been waiting, waiting, waiting to adopt again. Anyway, I loved reading the announcement of your newest little girl…congratulations! I’ll have to read the rest of your adoption blog later – trying to limit my computer time these days :-). But I’m looking forward to reading/watching lots more of your videos…!

  14. i absolutely love all your hair videos and of all the hairstyling websites, I always come back to yours! Cogratulations on all SIX of your kids, they are all beautiful! 🙂 Your little man is awesome, “How much do you love her?” “Two!” Too cute. Again, Congrats, and PLEASE do not stop blogging!

    On a side note: I absolutely love that your husband is very much involved with your family. He does hair and films, I can only imagine how dedicated he is to you all when the cam is off! 😀

  15. She is so beautiful do U mind me asking what agency did u go through? U should really join the transracial adoption group it is so fun a bunch of us are Lds and we have mno which is ladies night and we do girls hair u could learn about her hair styles and get ideas from other women and they also do braids etc. Email me at [email protected]

  16. Beautiful family. It’s so nice to see people with family values like my husband and I. I am a special education teacher and I see the way some families treat their children and it makes me so sad.

    I love your proporty. Without giving too much information which state do you live?

    Your hairstyles are so beautiful.

  17. Congratulations on your adoption! I am an birth/adoptive Mother as well and I know the stress that adoption can bring. My husband and I have 2 birth sons and 1 adopted daughter. We adopted from the foster care system which is a whole other beast from private adoption. We fostered for 5 years before having a child who became available for adoption but the wait was absolutely worth it. Our daughter is such a blessing!

  18. I don’t think that I have commented here before, but I visit here for my girls’ hairstyles often. I love your website. I love your upbeat attitude. And I love your dedication to family. I had to comment to tell you congratulations on your newest addition. She is a doll.

  19. Oh my gosh she is beautiful!! I can’t wait to see what hairstyles will be happening on that thick black hair! Congratulations! She is SO CUTE!!!(:

  20. oh my gosh! she is amazing! what a perfect angel! I know how it is with small babies. my biggest (2 oldest were the same) came in at 5lb13oz and my smallest came in at 3lb12oz! so small is all i know and i love it! congrats again to your beautiful family!

  21. Congratulations! Where did you get her headbands? They are absolutely adorable. I’m due in 3 weeks and would love to get some cute headbands like that for newborn pictures. 🙂

  22. I’m so glad your prayer was answered and you were able to find a sweet younger sibling for your boy. That’s a great thing. 🙂

  23. Congrats on the newest addition to your family.
    Love your blog!!!
    Just wanted to share with you that while I was watching this video my husband was watching as well. At the point where your husband says “there they are, all six of them,” my hubby says “he can’t count very well, can he? There are 5 kids.” I say “No. There are 6.” and proceed to mouse over each child while counting them out. My hubby then exclaims “He is counting THE DOLL as one of his kids?!?!” I lovingly told him “NO, you Goober, that is a baby!!!” I had to go back in the video to prove to him she wasn’t a toy doll 🙂

  24. When I saw her with her new sister and brother, it brought tears to my eyes! What a precious, precious baby!

  25. awwwwww……………….. So heartwarming! God Bless You And Your Perfect Family! By the way, how did you do your oldest daughter’s hair? I am just lost for words at your family’s perfectness! Speechless! Your little girl is just too sweet, and your little man is just beside himself with love for his new sis!
    haha…. words to remember- How much do you love her? Two!

  26. congrat! she is adoreable. and oh, i love ur video on youtube. do u mind if i put ur link on my blog?
    i just follow u n i love ur blog 🙂

  27. I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 months now. I always get great compliments on my daughter’s hair, after I copy something you show here.

    Your family is beautiful and your new addition is just precious! What a wonderful gift from God! Congratulations to all of you!

  28. I just started following your blog and saw that you were going to adopt. I how exciting to have a sweet, precious baby girl join your family. My husband and I have adopted twice. We have two girls. Love adoption! Your family looks so precious!

  29. congratulations!! I usually don’t comment, but ever since you adopted your son, I’ve prayed that your family continue to expand. I just felt you weren’t done… I knew that, boy or girl, you were meant to have another child.

    Much love and prayers continue for your family.

  30. Congratulations! She is beautiful and your son cracked me up, I watched him three times. I can tell that the spirit is in your home.

  31. Those pictures are absolutely amazing! The video is so cute too, in fact my 3 year old has just asked to watch it six times in a row.

  32. She is adorable….I think its a great thing what yall do with adoptions…Your son is so handsome and the new little girl is precious…God bless 🙂

  33. Congratulations! I just read the story of your son’s adoption a few days ago and cried like a baby through the whole thing. I can’t wait to hear the story behind your new beautiful little girl. So happy for you and your family!

  34. Congratulations! I wondered if that is why you’ve been MIA. She is adorable and everyone seems to happy! I’m excited for you!

  35. Congratulations! I’m so excited to see hair styles on her! My kids are adopted and I need I have a 22 month old who is half AA. I always need curly hair ideas. Can’t wait!

  36. Es encantadora y las fotografías realmente hermosas. Enhorabuena!
    Da la impresión de que tu marido y tú formais una unión perfecta y se nota en vuestra familia. Gracias por mostrar esa generosidad con los niñ@s y ese amor!! Que seais muy felices!
    1 abrazo.

    PD. Me encantaría ver la reaccion de las gemelas 🙂

  37. Congratulations!!!! she is adorable. I was still stuck on dial up and missed your website moving, but now I am back and loving do’s to do with my daughters amazing amount of hair.

  38. Oh my heck! What a cute lil baby girl!

    Your kiddos are gorgeous. Seriously.

    Super huge congrats to you and your family!

  39. I just came across your website recently and I just have to say that you have an absolutely beautiful family. You can just see the love radiating out of your girls & son over their new baby sister. She is just beautiful. Congrats to you all and may god continue to bless your family.

  40. Beautiful! Congrats. I live only 20 minutes from Reading! I wish you and your family the best with your new beautiful little girl. 🙂

  41. Oh what a beautiful family and congrats to the new addition I love your videos and have been inspired and started doing my girls hair too..thank you so much and again congrats

  42. I cant stop smiling while watching this video!!! Congrats – she is GORGEOUS, just like the rest of you!! 😉 Bless your heart, 6 kids – you’re my hero! Take good care, love your site.

  43. She is simply adorable! You have the cutest family! Congratulations, and I’m sure we can cut you some slack from the hairdos for a while. 🙂 Take the time to enjoy your new baby.

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