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Adoption has changed me forever… not only me individually, but the collective lives of everyone in my immediate and extended families.

This week’s Mom Minute episode on The Mom’s View is about what to expect in the adoption process, and I share our experiences with adopting my son and daughter…

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The adoption process is fairly lengthy and not without its major stresses. For us, there were a few questions we needed to answer first, such as how to come to terms with the expenses of adoption, and the big question… “Can I love a child who is not biologically mine?”

I have written an in-depth post about our son’s adoption process here. Feel free to read that post, and watch the Mom Minute segment below, to hear first-hand about the amazing and beautiful journey that led us to adopt…

What are your thoughts on adoption and the adoption process? I really want to hear from you!  Feel free to leave your responses here

Happy Parenting!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! One question I would love if you could answer would be about adopting a child from a different race AFTER having your own biological children. I don’t have any worries for myself about loving a baby that we’ve adopted, no matter the race, but my concern is, how does the adopted child feel down the road when they can see an obvious physical difference between them and their siblings? How do they feel when your family meets another family and they are constantly hearing questions or references to their being adopted?
    I plan on being open from the beginning with my adopted children, so even if they end up being as blonde haired, blue eyed as my 3 daughters, they will know they are adopted, but I really want them to feel how much they belong in our family.
    So far with all the families we’ve met on adoption road, I’ve never run into any who have had biological children and then adopted from a different race, and the voila! Here you are!


    PS – You can see our adoption profile at – and of course if you ever run into someone you feel comfortable sharing it with we would love, love, LOVE it! Because of our financial situation for the next 2 years (my husband is in medical school) the only agency we can afford to use is LDS family services and because we already have three children, they will not process our paperwork until we find our own match – although we have gone through all the details of the process with a case worker to make sure we would be able to have a baby placed in our home.

  2. How did your biological kids adjust to both the adoptions?They already had siblings of their own sharing their parents love.So,how was the experience for them.Actually it ll be great if brooklyn and bailey can do a segment on that in their channel

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