September 28, 2013

Child Role Models | Mom Minute

This week’s Mom Minute episode for The Mom’s View has nothing to do with hairstyles, it is about role models for our children.

Children's Role ModelsI know this is a resonating topic given what is happening to many of the young and influential Hollywood celebrities today. It is so tough to watch the tragedies happen, the decisions they are making, and we can surely blame the media as being a huge part of the problem!

What I do know is that actions always have consequences, and we can choose the former but not the latter. Unfortunately, in Hollywood, the latter makes the news all too often.  We have seen them in the gossip magazine headlines at the grocery store checkout counter.. Amanda Bynes, Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, etc. The list can go on, and it has for decades past.

Many of you know that CGH#4 is a huge Taylor Swift fan, who I swear has the best hairstyles as a celeb, and I am OK with that right now… but just as soon as I start seeing my daughter write subliminal songs about ending her elementary school “crushes”, I will pull back the reigns quite a bit!

When it comes to role models for my children, I personally try to steer them in the direction of people with whom they interact and have a relationship. People I trust. For example, these role models can be a teacher, scout leaders, coach, family friend, church youth leader, friend’s parent, neighbor, or extended family member.

{I, of course, would hope that my children would list me as one of their role models, but oftentimes the teen mind conveniently “forgets” that connection until they are all the way through the teenage years.}

Watch the video below to see my Mom Minute segment on childhood role models, including my own…

What are your thoughts on our children’s role models? Does your child have one? Feel free to leave your responses here

Happy Parenting!