September 21, 2013

Children and Household Chores | Mom Minute

This week’s Mom Minute episode for The Mom’s View is about child discipline regarding household chores and grades.

I do get asked this question fairly often, and it has absolutely nothing to do with hairstyles. Many fans, particularly moms, write in asking how it is that I can manage a clean house with six children underfoot.

Child DisciplineWell, I can honestly share that it is not easy, and we certainly have our days when it looks like a tornado passed through. But, by and large, we do maintain a fairly clean home. It helps a lot that my husband and I are on the same page with respect to clutter and cleanliness, and the children learn mostly by example.

Shaun and I do have certain tactics that we found have worked for us through the years, to help our children keep their rooms clean, from the ages of toddlers on up to teenage hood, like our twins. There are other tactics we use to help motivate our kids to study and get good grades. The video below goes through a few fan questions regarding this topic, and I provide my answers based upon what we do in the CGH household.

Please recognize that every household is different, and each child is different. What I suggest below may not work for some children, but they are working for mine. These ideas are to serve as examples of what we do that may offer a base structure for you in your own home, a structure that would be tailored to your situation.


Please be sure to comment here with your suggestions for discipline/rewards for everyday household chores as well as your child’s behavior and grades.

Happy Parenting!