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I perfectly understand that each child comes into our lives with his/her own set of abilities and hidden talents.

It is my role as a parent, to raise these children and to help provide opportunities for them to explore their natural abilities.

Discovering Talents

When our children turn the age of three, we enroll each child into a few activities hoping that they can begin discovering what they are good at in their younger years. We began with soccer and dance first, and then added piano by the time they could read. Over the years, we have also implemented violin, gymnastics, modeling, and theater and some of them have stuck.

It may be that a skill we are really good at is not something we particularly enjoy. It’s hard to see that gift as a talent, when it is something we do not like to do. The talent is there, but maybe the passion comes from noticing how our talent affects the lives of others. Then we can be truly happy in our talent. {This is why my husband regrets on giving up playing the piano when he was young.}

Finding our talents can be a learning process, taking several years or up to a lifetime to achieve. For myself, creating braided hairstyles was not something I was good at in my teen years {my friends can vouch for this}. Hairstyling was something I developed in motherhood, and it took several years and lots of practice before I felt comfortable sharing it with the world.

Most of us are not lucky enough to be a child prodigy, but we are each born with at least one talent. Our responsibility is to discover what that talent is, nurture it, and share it with others. There are few things sweeter than seeing how something we are good at… can truly bless the lives of others.

Our talent may be something subtle, but equally as impactful as more awesome talents. Those subtle talents may be your laugh or smile, or being a peacemaker. The size of the talent does not matter… it is what we do with it that counts.

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, I share our views on finding and nurturing our talents, as well as share a special talent of my 3rd daughter!

Feel free to watch the The Mom’s View Mom Minute episode below…

What tips do you have for others when it comes to discovering talents? Please also feel free to leave your comment below letting us know what you are good at doing!

Happy Parenting!

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  1. Thank you! I have been struggling to help my 3rd daughter find her talent. It’s frustrating because it was so easy to find what my older two girls are passionate about. It’s good to be reminded to keep helping her try a bunch of new things!

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