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Side by side Flipped Ponytail Updo

Today, I’m showing you the Flipped Ponytail Updo! You might not have a ton of occasions that call for a “fancy” hairstyle, but you should definitely be ready when the time comes. Whether it’s for prom, a wedding, a holiday party, or just because you feel like it, try out this Flipped Ponytail Updo that anyone can make happen.

This hairstyle looks incredibly complex, but it’s actually pretty easy to create! Depending on how you accessorize it, how much hair you leave out around the face, and how slicked back/puffy you leave the top of the hair, you can definitely dress this look up or down! We started by spraying in dry shampoo to get lift at the roots. Don’t worry about being TOO clean – dirty hair is actually better for updos.

Items Needed: hair elastics (texture powder, hairspray, dry shampoo if desired)

Time Requirement: 15-20 minutes

Skill Level: Easy/Medium

Flipped Ponytail Updo

  • Separate the hair into 3 even sections. Pull the middle section out of the way.
  • Finger comb the right section of hair into a small elastic. Smooth down fly-away pieces with Wiggle Room Flexible Hold Hairspray by Hairitage. Loosen so the hair is not slicked back.
  • Repeat step 2 on the left section. Use the Magic Dust Texturizing Hair Powder by Hairitage if you need more grip/volume in the hair.
  • Pull back the middle section of hair, and allow the sides to cover the part lines that are showing. Use Lazy Day Light Dry Shampoo by Hairitage to keep oils at bay, and to add grip to the hair. Secure with a small elastic.
  • On the right section, add another small elastic a couple of inches down from the first elastic.
  • Make a hole in the hair between the 2 elastics and flip the ponytail OVER the hole you created. The hair creates a little twist – use the texturizing powder to really fluff it out. Repeat 3 more times down the right section.
  • Repeat step 6 on each section of hair (how many bubble twists you have in each section depends on the length of your hair.
  • Move the right section of hair across the middle and left sections, and loop it under. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Move the left section of hair across the middle and right sections, looping it under and securing with bobby pins.
  • Fold the middle section back and forth, tucking it under the other 2 secured sections. Place to your liking and secure with bobby pins.
  • Add accessories, hairspray, and tweak if needed!

Watch the full tutorial:

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