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For the longest time, mornings have been the hardest part of our days. Not that the carpools after school are not daunting themselves, but that to get six children ready for the day in the shortest amount of time is very… grueling!Shocked woman sitting in a chair in her living room with both hands to her headToday’s topic comes from a question by viewer Vicki, who asks, “What’s your family’s morning routine? How do you get so many kids ready and out the door in the morning?”Morning RoutineI actually get asked this question a lot. Once Brooklyn and Bailey began school, we started waking up at 6 am. Yes, sometimes even 5:30. You can tell if you watch our earliest videos.

We needed that extra time to get the girls dressed, hair styled, fed an appropriate breakfast, give them time to practice the piano, pack a healthy lunch, and hold family prayer and scripture study.

As our other kids reached school age, the routine was already set and the older girls began helping with the responsibilities. Attention to logistics and time was key. It’s almost like things were running in “stations” in order to get it all done.

Today, with five children in school and two bus pick up times, we really have to run the morning efficiently or someone is going to miss the bus!

Click below for see and hear more details on our morning routine…

For any of our readers, what ideas do you have for the rest of us moms on how to help make the morning routines run more smooth? Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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  1. I like to take Sunday nights and prepare for the week.
    My kids and I have those cloth closet organizers that usually hold 6 different days worth of clothing (Monday through Saturday). I then put together freezer baggies for smoothies in the mornings (a quart baggie filled with pineapple, grapes, spinach and other favorite fruits). I just pop that in the blender with a little water and everyone drinks that with their morning pb or cream cheese on toast. Last, we all put together lunches that will last throughout the week. Look online for some great ideas. I particularly like the layered salads in a jar. It takes about 90 minutes for all of this and I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week.

  2. You are such an amazing mother to your amazing children! I absolutely love seeing the joy and love in your family! Can please be part of your family? I love you Mindy!


  3. I have everything ready the night before. Clothing and socks are prepared on each child’s bed. Cereal, bowls and spoons are on the table. Briefcases are ready too. In the morning i only I have to pour cereal and milk to each child and make hair.
    My kids over three get dressed when they wake up, pick snack and put it in their briefcases.

  4. We pack lunches the night before, usually when we are making dinner and have them ready to go in the icebox so the kids can easily grab them in the morning. My little one has a special cubby by the front door for his shoes and backpack, so we can always find his stuff. We sign all the papers the night before and make sure it is ready to go for in the morning. It just helps as our youngest is not a morning a person and usually takes him a while to get going. My older kids are responsible for themselves and making sure they have their stuff together. We are out the door by 7:20am.

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