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As parents, we need to be very careful with social media and internet safety in our homes, especially as it relates to our children. We need to be very vigilant, and aware of what our kids are doing online. It is one of our duties as a parent.

There is a fine line though, between following our kids on their social media accounts, and stalking/harassing/embarrassing/etc them.

Over the past five years or so, we as parents discovered this cool place called Facebook, and are using it more and more even as our kids move on to other social platforms like Instagram, etc.Parents on FacebookToday’s #MomMinute episode is based upon a question submitted by a viewer, Tara, who asks, “My mom just friended me on Facebook and won’t stop posting on my wall. How do I get her to stop?”Parents on FacebookMaybe I am an overcautious mother, but we always talk about social media safety in our home. {Particularly because +Brooklyn and Bailey have YT, FB, IG, and Twitter.}

I do comment on my twins’ accounts from time to time, but my role as a mother in following them is only in love, support and safety. I do not stalk them, but I do check in occasionally. Not because we do not trust our daughters, but that we do not always trust everyone else. It is just part of the online rules we have set for our children.

For our younger followers, your parents love you deeply, and in almost every case, them following your social accounts is a tell-tale sign of that. That is great!

Now for any parents out there. Just as our kids grow older and are often embarrassed for their friends to see us dropping them of to school, with us begging them for a kiss on the cheek, they can also become embarrassed by us posting cheesy comments on their social accounts with lots of emoticons. An occasional encouragement for a big test or other event, is perfectly fine. As parents, we need to be mindful of the thin line between our Circle of Trust and our kids’ privacy.

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For any of our readers, what suggestions do you have on the subject? How much involvement is too much involvement?

Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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