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Today’s topic is a very interesting one, and definitely one that needs to be discussed from both perspectives!

Parents vs Best FriendsAlisha, one of our viewers, specifically asks the following question… “My parents do not like my best friend. What do I do?Parents vs Best FriendsMoms? Do you remember as a teen how you wanted your independence, the freedom to hang out with whomever you choose, and the hope that your parents would simply trust you and your friends?
Now as a parent yourself, with a much greater perspective, you understand why your own parents had those concerns. It wasn’t about mistrust. It was about your parent’s concern for your longterm safety.

For our teen readers who may be in Alisha’s situation, I totally get it. We have all been there as well. The advice I provide in today’s #MomMinute episode on The Moms View gives both perspectives, from the teen and the parent, with one final counsel for you.

Our parents have a pure love and concern for our longterm happiness, as opposed to maybe our short-term concern for what fun events we have planned for this weekend with our friends.

I promise that your lifelong love and personal interactions will be much greater with your family members, especially your parents, than with any friend you have as a teenager. I hope you trust me on this one.

To see the entire episode, feel free to click below…

For any of our readers, what would you suggest to do in Alisha’s situation? Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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