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Those of us who have grown past our teenage years, know of the seriousness of peer pressure. We also know that it will never completely go away as we grow older.

Peer Pressure

What we can do, is condition and prepare ourselves, and our children, so that we know what we will do whenever those situations arise.

People, despite growing up in the same area, can have varying moral thresholds. Each family is different, just like every person is different, and the diversity is something we celebrate. Because of this, something you or I may not agree with may be perfectly fine to do by someone we consider as a peer.

I am just a few years into the teen years with my twins, and have another 16 years of teenage-dom ahead of me. I pray that my children may remain humble and grounded in their moral standards, and choose friends who not only love them… but will stand up for them in such peer pressure situations. I teach my children to do the same.

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, we share our views of peer pressure, and what we do in the CHG home to help our children maintain their morals in such situations, and share a few examples!

Feel free to watch the The Mom’s View Mom Minute episode below…

What tips do you have for other teens, and parents of teens, to prepare for peer pressure situations? Please feel free to leave your comments below!

Happy Parenting!

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