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From the time we were kids, it seems that most of us had always hoped to be our parents’ favorite child, or the teacher’s pet.

In some ways, life was a competition… it was easy to see what was happening with other siblings/kids, and compare.Quality Time with the KidsNow being a parent of six children, my husband and I try very hard to establish meaningful and individual relationships with our kids.

For example, Daddy-Daughter and Mommy-Dude dates are a regular activity, and my husband takes our children out individually on their half birthdays {exactly 6 months from their birthday}.

Since each child is different, we spend time with them in different ways. This is very key, and although we are not perfect at it… we feel that we have great relationships with our children. {Our hope is that this will help build a great base of trust as we experience them go through the teenage years.}

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, I give additional ideas from what we do in the CGH home to spend quality time with each of our children, helping make each feel special in their own way, which ultimately helps eliminate the “She’s your favorite” argument.

You can see today’s The Mom’s View Mom Minute episode below…

What ideas do you have that can help other parents know how to eliminate favoritism and spend quality time with each child? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy Parenting!

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  1. Hey mindy, ur such a great mom I love all ur videos I love ur family and ur such a perfect family….. love u guyz♥♥

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