October 27, 2013

Sibling Rivalry | Mom Minute

Have you ever felt like your brother/sister was always mom and dad’s favorite? Or did you ever feel like you could never measure up against a sibling?

This week’s Mom Minute episode on The Mom’s View is about sibling rivalry and at how to look at it as children and adults…

Sibling Rivalry | Mom MinuteI think everyone compares themselves to someone else pretty much on a daily basis, and this is probably much more of an issue with women given all the seemingly Pinterest-perfect moms down the street.

True fact is, the people we compare ourselves against, as being more favorited, prettier, smarter, talented, etc, likely feel the same way about us or someone else. It is important to understand this perspective, so that we never get really down on ourselves.

Another true fact is that our parents love each one of us.  As a mother of six children, I can testify that this is very true. I love them all, but because of their unique qualities and personalities, I love them each a bit differently… but always equally!  {It is the “differently” part that we always associate with as favoriting, when in fact, it really is not the case.}

Feel free to watch the video below to see my Mom Minute segment on sibling rivalry …

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Happy Parenting!