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Have you ever felt like your brother/sister was always mom and dad’s favorite? Or did you ever feel like you could never measure up against a sibling?

This week’s Mom Minute episode on The Mom’s View is about sibling rivalry and at how to look at it as children and adults…

Sibling Rivalry | Mom MinuteI think everyone compares themselves to someone else pretty much on a daily basis, and this is probably much more of an issue with women given all the seemingly Pinterest-perfect moms down the street.

True fact is, the people we compare ourselves against, as being more favorited, prettier, smarter, talented, etc, likely feel the same way about us or someone else. It is important to understand this perspective, so that we never get really down on ourselves.

Another true fact is that our parents love each one of us.  As a mother of six children, I can testify that this is very true. I love them all, but because of their unique qualities and personalities, I love them each a bit differently… but always equally!  {It is the “differently” part that we always associate with as favoriting, when in fact, it really is not the case.}

Feel free to watch the video below to see my Mom Minute segment on sibling rivalry …

What are your thoughts on sibling rivalry? Feel free to leave your responses here

Happy Parenting!

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  1. Very well said, Mindy. I felt like my older sibling was favored by my parents too for a long time. When we’d look at baby photo’s and I asked who it was, it was nearly always him. There was a video of his first birthday, not of mine. When he turned 16 he got a brand new scooter from my parents. I got nothing, had to buy a second-hand myself when I was already 17. We were short on cash during my teenage years and I gave all the money I earned to my parents. Yet later my parents paid everything for my brother when he lost his job, including expensive phone bills and going out in the weekend, for over a year! I would not even dare asking them to pay for that.
    But in reality, they just loved us differently, because we are complete opposites. My brother is outgoing, popular and a bit of a materialist. He spent his money before he earned it. I always was the introvert loner and a big saver. We’ve always been best friends btw, no sibling rivalry.
    I later discovered that the lack of baby pictures of me was because the camera was stolen shortly before my birth, so that was completely out of their hands. With the scooter, I just was completely unlucky. They had enough money when my brother turned 16. When I turned 16 a year later, we were down on the ground. Plus that I cared a lot less about that kind of stuff, they never saw it as a big deal.
    And frankly, I often even felt that I was loved more than my brother, because I gave up a lot to help out my parents. But of course, that’s not true either 😉 Parents love their children equally. But because no child is the same, it can seem differently.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful response, Melody! I can tell you are a wonderful person and that family of yours is truly blessed to have you in it!

  2. Next year I’m going to high school and my sister will be leaving high school. I am afraid I will get her teachers and they will compare me to her and that kind of makes me wonder if I should go there or not.

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