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This is one of the first hairstyles that I ever posted on this site, but many of you have asked for a video tutorial on exactly how to complete this hair style. It looks trickier than it actually is.  (To see photo instructions for the hairdo in that first post, please visit Tween Knots into Side Pony).

People have asked if it is hard to get the knots out after the hairstyle is done. The answer is “no”.  Individual hairs can knot very easily and not come out (like snarls), but for some reason large strands of hair do not have a problem with it.   This is actually only a half knot (like the first stage of tying your shoe), so to undo it all you do is grab the two strands close to the knot and push them into the knot to loosen the hair.  Very easy!

This knot style is another good one for helping keep the hair out of your daughter’s eyes and it holds up very well all day!

Top view of the Tween Knots Ponytail

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray water bottle, hairspray/gel, 1 rubber band, accessory (if needed).

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Portrait of young girl modeling Tween Knots Ponytail

Side view of the Tween Knots Ponytail

You can finish this style off in any number of ways.  You can do a simply ponytail like I did (or a high pony), or a side braid (French or fishtail), micro braids, curls (soft or tight), or a bun, etc.  You can even pull the knotted strands back in to two ponytails and finish them off in any of those ways!  This style can literally be 5-8 styles!!!

So my hubby mentioned to me the other day that I seem to always give the same greeting in my video tutorials.  When I took a look back, it was true… so we decided to change it up a bit!  This idea came from my #3, who is my model for this style. She had been walking around all morning singing that before we did her hair, so she begged me to do it! Notice that she does it too!

If you like this knotted hairstyle, be sure to let us know! Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. okay i just love his hairdoo it is adorable i am onlly 11 and i can do almost all of your hairdos in 5 mins. when i started looking at this website i notied that the way way i usaly did my hair (down or ponytail with really flat looking hair) was actully hurting it and my ends were always split now every night i put it up in somthing then in the morning i do a do’! i tried this one and i slept with it in overnight and it is a great 2nd day haido know some of the stuff i said was random but to make a long story short i was being me

    i always reamend you and carrie around these little peices of papper around with the wbsite! your the best one out there! 😉

  2. I tried this on my 6yo Friday. Looked great and stayed in all day. It did loosen a bit, but I liked the way the “knots” looked a bit puffier at the end of the day. I think this one works a lot better with very long hair because you have to stretch the knotted bits all the way to the back pony and they need to hold tight to stay in all day.

  3. I can never get the knots to look right on my own head even with palmaid.
    How come & how can i fix it?

  4. HA!NOw me and my mom both tried the Top – knot into banded and we couldn’t do it! I was so mad. So I just had to put my hair back into a regular ponytail. This girl at school said that her mom took her into the salon so they could put her hair in something other than a ponytail. Thay tried every hairstyle in the books. None of them work! give her some hairstyles please. (her hair is very curly , always).

  5. I love thios hairstyle! Iam obsessed with hair (i am only ten).So I don’t have long hair like your DD’s. Ineed more hairstyles. THanks. BYe.

  6. I really love your website! I am 13 and I have done so many of your different styles on my 12 year old sister but now I am thinking on doing them on myself. Although I would like to see more styles for wearing my hair down because I don’t normally like my hair in an up-do.

  7. I have to say this is my favorite simple hairstyle I have found in a long time. My 5 year old daughter has very long curly hair and always says mommy I want a side pony. This gives a little change to the basic side pony. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow for school.

  8. you made it look so easy!! However, i just can’t get it done right, whenever i pull the knot it got messed up! any tricks?

  9. Hey, I LOVE this hairstyle! Its so quick and easy, and saves me alot of time on doing my hair in the mornings before i go to school. I get so many compliments so i tell them about this website(: Also thank you for doing the videos- it helps out ALOT!

  10. I really like the nots but Mine are always bigger.My sister prefures me not to do her hair so I just do it on my dolls and that is still fun!

  11. I love this hairdo but I can never seem to get the hair to knot like yours does. One side is always bigger (way bigger) than the other or it is really frizzy.

  12. My four year old daughter loves to watch this over and over just to hear your intro! And then walks around all day saying it. 🙂

  13. Again – so easy…. I’m kind of sad I can’t think this stuff up on my own!! 🙂
    Your kids sit so much more still and nicely than mine.

  14. My daughter (she is 9) came across your site last night, and found this hairstyle. We tried it this morning, and she loved it. I think that with the fact that she bookmarked your site, I will have less of a problem getting her up in the morning to get ready for school, as now she is finding a hairstyle to try tomorrow.

    You have a great site!

    Keep the hairstyles coming.

  15. Love your site! I really enjoyed reading your adoption story! I loved the last post with the pictures of your twins in their halloween costumes..adorable!!

  16. I love it! Anything that takes such little time and looks so super cute is perfect for me. I love so many of these hair styles! Thanks for doing the videos–that really helps!

  17. I have done this on my daughter several times and get tons of compliments. People think it’s fancy and hard and it takes no time at all! However, I have a ?
    I have a hard time keeping the hair (of the knots) on the sides of my daughters hair. They want to slip around and it messes up the knots. Is the trick to do it really wet? I wet her hair down but maybe it’s not wet enough?? Thanks for the help!
    I recommend you website all the time because I use your hair styles all the time. I started carrying the cards around:)

  18. I love the knots, amazing! I am doing this tomorrow morning for sure! And incorporate it into a Princess hairstyle for Halloween.

  19. Love it!! I will be using this one tomorrow morning for my daughter to go to school. Your website LITERALLY saved my daughters’ Thanks for all the Hairstyles!!

  20. Super cute! I didn’t realize those were so simple. I do side ponys all the time, so this will be a fun way to add a little pizazz to them!

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