Why I Married My Husband | Mom Minute

Since Father’s Day is tomorrow, I decided to share a few of the reasons why I married my hubsband 16 years ago.Why I Married My Husband | Father's Day

This came as a question from Dominique, one of our viewers, asking, “What does your husband do that makes him a great father?

Father's Day

Being a parent of six children is not easy, and I could never do it without my better half… my husband, Shaun.

Sure, how could you not love a guy who is willing to endure years of helping me with hairstyles, filming/editing our videos, and helping raise six children {five of them girls}? Yet, I could tell early on, even as we were dating, that Shaun looked forward to having children. We would talk about it all the time. Back then, in family settings, I would often sit back and observe him interact with his nieces and nephews, and even my own. It always brought a smile to my face!

Sixteen years later, those feelings are a million times stronger as I watch him interact with our six beautiful children.

He recognizes when I am having a long day, especially near bedtime, and quietly takes the littles upstairs, brushes their teeth, plays daddy games with them, reads them a story, prays with them, snuggles with them, and then tucks them in. It is at least a one hour process, and probably his most cherished hour of every day.

To see more reasons why I am happy that I married Shaun, click to watch the video below…

We would love to hear the reasons why you love your dad, so please comment below! {If you do not have a father in your life, please feel free to share about a favorite brother, uncle, grandfather, or neighbor.}

Happy Parenting!

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  1. Do people tell you that you favor Cameron Diaz? I never noticed it before when watching your videos but wow your face really resembles hers!(and I mean this in a very complimentary way lol)

  2. I made my dad a small book with 12 lessons I learned from him. I finished it after Father’s Day but am still excited to deliver this special and sincere gift to my teacher, friend, and role model.

  3. My mom has 8 children under 17. She homeschools all of us and I know she wouldn’t be able to do either of those things without my amazing dad. He works so selflessly to support our family. At one time, he was a bishop (in the LDS Church) and working three jobs. My dad’s incredible and is always ready to tell me he loves me.

  4. I would like some advice – My daughter is 15 and has blatantly refused to continue practicing our family’s religion (we are Anglican). How would you handle a situation like this? I’m not sure whether to leave her be or to make her continue to come along to church etc. until she leaves home.

    1. That really is a tough situation, Marianne! I reallyfeel for you, being a devout Christian myself! I think that forcing a teen to do something they do not want to do, will likely only create resentment towards you and the forced activity itself. It sounds like she has a few concerns that being forced to practice the religion may not resolve. Have you spoken to her about them? If my girls were in this situation, I would try to understand and most definitely listen. That isn’t easy to do, when as a parent we see all the good that religion has brought to us and our families. It doesn’t mean that she and I would have to agree on positions, but it is much more important that I have an enduring and loving relationship with my daughter. It would be awful to lose my daughter in the process of forcing her to do what I would want for her. Does that make sense? I will definitely be praying for you and your daughter, that you both find happiness in the outcome! xoxo

      1. Thankyou so much Mindy. I really appreciate your perspective here and I am now more sound in my choice to just let it be. I spoke to her and she says that it just doesn’t make as much sense to her now she’s older and has other friends with different beliefs. Its dificult mainly because of the lovely community we have in our parish.

  5. The wonderful and supportive father of 5 boys and 5 girls (7 adopted/3 births in the hometown) has been a fantastic job of taking care of the needs in the family. He has been encouraged and motivated by God giving him a chance of raising children from different countries over the world especially he had an interest in the special-needed deaf daughter from Thailand. He has been supported this girl in these good many years of her life. He is a good hard worker and he can’t give up what he needs to get done. He has a such good heart not to just his children, and of course everyone from all over the world.

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