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Hey, it’s Kristen from Capturing here to share these Back to School Lunch Jokes with you today. We are in full blown school mode now, having just started a week ago, but I know others have been back for a month or more! I’ve got 4 school age kids, and while they are at school, I miss their companionship, and just want my kids to know I love them and I am thinking of them while they are away. In the past few years, I’ve shared lots and lots of free printable lunch jokes on my site, and today I’ve got a brand new set for my CGH friends!Lunch Box Jokes | CGH LifestyleHere is what I love about lunch jokes:

It’s a subliminal message.

Though I often sign “love, mom” in the bottom corner, it’s more about the gesture, and bringing a smile to their faces each day. I know that if I slip a joke in their lunches, I’ll get a guaranteed smile, and for a split moment, they have that sense of security in an otherwise hectic day at school.

I also love that most of my kids will stockpile the jokes and save them. My teenage son told me that one day last year, he and his friends went through 30 or more jokes that he had stashed, read them all at once, and decided on the one they thought was the best/most funny.  It was so fun for me to hear which one that was, and brought a big smile to my face and my heart! {Hint, it was from the Star Wars set}

My kids’ friends look forward to the daily jokes as well, and my youngest daughter even had an adult cafeteria monitor come to her each day to find out the daily joke! I had a reader once tell me that she slips them into her husbands lunch, I LOVE that!Lunch Box Jokes | CGH LifestyleNow I’m not against writing a sweet note to slip into lunches, but sharing a joke is less mushy than a note, and for perfect for all ages. If the young ones can’t fully read yet, I did create a set for my daughter when she went to kindergarten with silly pictures on it.

This is how I prep the jokes:

  1. Have a bunch of sheets all printed out.
  2. Since I have 4 kids, I print each set 4 times
  3. 10 jokes on a page, lasts 2 weeks/10 days
  4. Write their names at the top of each page to remember who got which joke. (Some days 1 child will order school lunch, when the others don’t.)
  5. Cut each joke as I go, but (you could print ahead of time and put them in a bag. I’m just not that organized!)
  6. Each day, I will write their name at the top of the joke, and sign “love mom” at the bottom. Just a little touch of hand written personal attention.

The jokes I’ve shared in the past are holiday related, I’ve got a Disney FROZEN set, animals, superhero’s, princesses, etc.

If you’d like to see the collection of  kids lunch jokes I’ve got on my site, click on the link to print them! Here is a sneak peek:Printable Lunch Box Jokes | CGH LifestyleMy goal is to share a new set each month on my site, don’t miss a set!Lunch box jokes | CGH LifestyleHope you back to school shenanigans are going well, and that your kids are enjoying their new teacher and class!Lunch Box Jokes | CGH Lifestyle

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