DIY Car Hacks

DIY Car Freshener | CGH LifestyleHaving a car as a mom means for endless amounts of junk. Here are some helpful ideas to keep things flowing a little more smoothly in your car. There are a few more in the Millennial Moms video below.

Use a felt shape tied to a ribbon to make an essential oil diffuser.Car Hacks | CGH LifestyleIf you want more essential oil fun, clip a wooden clothes pin to the vent soaked in oils. Lemon is a good one because it’s not too overbearing.Car Hacks | CGH LifestyleUse absorbent sheets under car seats, or on the floor in case something spills. It will absorb the liquid fast and prevent some from getting into the seats. I picked these up at the dollar store. Car Hacks | CGH LifestyleIf your kids aren’t crazy with the hand sanitizer, keep it handy on the back of the seat.Car Hacks | CGH LifestyleMake an air freshener that you can change the scent in with a mason jar.DIY Car Freshener | CGH LifestyleKeep learning toys and books in the car to encourage kids to read. We spend a lot of time in the car, so it’s a no brainer to turn it into learning time. Try getting a family quiz book and have the kids quiz you. It’s a great way for kids to learn.Car Hacks | CGH LifestyleCheck out more hacks in the video below.

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