Homework Hacks for Parents

As parents, the phrase “it’s time to do homework” can bear a feeling of stress. Some parents have kids that sail right through homework but for most, motivating and urging your kids to complete their homework can be a challenge. After sounding like a broken record, you probably feel like you’ve run out of ideas to get their head in the books. That’s why I’m going to share with you a few tactics to flip the switch and get that homework done in no time! Here are a few easy solutions for homework hassles that every parent should know.

1. Set up a routine. Sitting down with your child at the same time every day for homework can be a huge game changer. Children need routine, and homework is no exception! If you give them the option to do it on their own time, procrastination will happen more often than not. While it’s not the first thing they want to do after school, their minds will still be fresh from the school day, and more likely to be engaged. You can encourage them by reminding them that the earlier they get it done, the more time they’ll have to watch TV, play with friends or enjoy other after-school activities.

2. Set up a homework station. You might notice that kids will look for reasons to get up from the table. But if you bring everything to them first, there won’t be a need! Try creating a ‘homework box’ that has everything from stationary, pens, calculators, etc. This will also eliminate you having to go back and forth to grab items, so they don’t get sidetracked when you’re gone from the table.

Tip: In addition to having an ‘at home’ homework station, I also recommend packing a ‘to go’ station. For a lot of parents (especially those that have multiple kids), you’re usually off to the races driving kids to girl/boy scouts, sports practices, etc. If you’re bringing your kids with you and they have intervals to sit and work on homework in the car or somewhere else, pack some clipboards, books, etc. so they can work on the go!

3. Sit in the same spot. Like having a timely routine, it’s also important to have the homework session in the same spot every day. I recommend the kitchen table, so you’re able to walk around, do chores, but still be nearby to answer questions, offer help, read word problems, and redirect them back to work when necessary.

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