Scream for Ice Cream!

I think you are all familiar with this…Ice Cream Nails | CGH LifestyleI scream – You scream – We all scream – For ICE CREAM!!!

That was the first rhyme my daughter learned at pre-K.  It was like the family anthem for that summer!  Anyway, if I hadn’t bought a Happy Planner and entered the planning world, I wasn’t going to be aware that July is National Ice Cream Month while the third Sunday of July is National Ice Cream Day!!!

So, what better way of celebrating this day with than ice cream nails while holding an ice cream in your hand (or both hands?)  Here we go!

Ice Cream Cone Nails-   I started with a nude-ish color.  I stamped a mesh image with dark brown nail polish, so that it looked like a cone.  On the top of it, blobb some red,  just like melting cherry ice cream, pay extra attention to the cuticle area. Cleaning red polish from cuticles is a pain, believe me. 🙂 I added some colored sprinkles with yellow, green and white polish.  Add a fast drying topcoat, and you’re done!Ice Cream Cone Nails | CGH LifestyleDripping Chocolate Sauce over Strawberry & Mint Ice Cream-  I painted my nails with mint and baby pink polish, 2 coats for each nail. Once dry, I stamped the dripping image with brown polish and finished with a top coat. Makes you wanna lick those nails, doesn’t it? 🙂Dripping Ice Cream Nails | CGH LifestyleSkittle (painting nails with different shades)-  I used my precious ice cream images to stamp on those colors.  As usual, finish with a top coat.  If you want, you may color those little ice creams with acrylic paint or even sharpies once the paint is dry.  Don’t forget to top coat if you want it to last!Ice Cream Stamped Nails | CGH LifestyleSee you next month with new looks.  Meanwhile, you may check my blog Posh Nail Art for more nail art ideas while I grab myself an ice cream… LOL

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