Top 10 Fashion “Must Haves” for 2016

Fashion designers are constantly changing the flow of things.  We finally thought we got the hang of Roksanda’s color blocks, Chloe’s subtle monochromatic’s and Louis Vuitton’s calico. Well guess what?  We can relax and enjoy the news that the 90s are back (yet again!) and baggier than ever!

This is everything you could have ever wanted, from borrowing your brothers oversized denim shearling jacket to breaking out your maternity wear (say what?), to suit the oversized looks and layering of the 90s.

Sure, this decade may have had some evil takes on fashion, but you got to admit that it also had some of the boldest statements we’ve ever worn.  We’re talking JNCO’s, dark lips, bomber jackets, straps layered over tee’s and every lace detail of Madonna’s Vogue music video you could possibly imagine – bringing back what’s old, to be new again.

This year we can dress for comfort, wearability, funky layering and repeating our looks. All we really want in fashion is to look good, be comfortable, not starve ourselves to buy a new clutch and lower the stress about what to put on in the morning.

Whether you like it (lived it) or not, the 90s mod grunge is taking over, but instead of disobeying your parents with looking sloppy, we take a spin on things to dress it more chic.  Chic grunge is what you have to look forward too.

If you haven’t already thought of where you can find these styles, try the following.   Your parents garage, hit the thrift shops or spend whatever is left of your Christmas money on these ten modern styled craves to grunge up the new year!

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