250th YouTube Video & Big News

Two BIG announcements today!  I love days like today, because we get to share some fun news with you, in a way that is for sure to make you smile!CuteGirlsHairstyles Kids NamesFirst, we launched our hairstyle app today, which can be found on iTunes and Google Play!Cute Girls Hairstyles NamesThere are 2 versions of the app, a free version and an in-app premium upgrade…

The Free Version of the CGH App includes:

  • Access to all the most-recent 10 hairstyle video tutorials!
  • Access to our Twitter feed!
  • Add supported.

The In-App Upgrade to the Premium Version CGH App includes:

  • Get EARLY ACCESS to our weekly videos… {See them 1-hour before they go live on YouTube!}
  • Access to all 250+ hairstyle video tutorials!
  • Access to our Twitter feed!
  • View all “hashtagged” Instagram recreations by you and fellow CGH Hair Ninjas {if over 50 likes}, and gain your own fan base!
  • Chance to become our Featured Member!

DISCOUNT: For these first 2 weeks {from now until May 11th, 2014} the Premium upgrade will be only $0.99. After that date, the price will go up to its standard rate.

Feel free to tag your own photos of our app {on your device} with: #CGHApp

Secondly, and we have been thinking about this for some time, we’ve decided to RELEASE the names of our children!

Since many fans had been finding them out, and sharing them online, we decided to release the kids’ names on our own terms.

A few months ago, I was in LA filming with @TheMomsView where we had invited my good friend Colette Butler {yes, ShayCarl’s wife} on the show. We were talking, and I asked Colette if she ever regretted revealing her kids’ names last year. She said that she and Shay did not, and that it really had been a very positive experience for them and their fans.

I am not naive enough to think fans couldn’t find out our children’s names, since we’ve done quite a few appearances where the media went ahead and shared them anyway.

From there, fans began sharing with more fans, and it is something that we literally hold back anymore. We were spending so much time deleting comments referring to names that it was hard to find time to practice and research hairstyles. So, we are jumping on board with this name release on our own terms!

Lastly, we received our YouTube Gold Button Plaque for reaching 1,000,000 subscribers, which is funny, because we just passed 2 million! We just want to thank each of you for being with us all these years! We really feel like you are all part of this ever-growing family of ours!

Items Needed: Pure happiness and a SMILE!

Time Requirement: Indefinitely

Skill Level: For all ages

Hope you enjoy the app, and more importantly, continue to enjoy our family!

Happy Hairstyling!

My twins’ video for this week was an Easter Basket Haul, showing BrooklynAndBailey channel fans what types of things they find in their Easter baskets. Click below to view…

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  1. When I try to purchase the app it says it’s $2.99? Do I need a special code or something to get the introductory price? So glad to discover your site last week.

  2. Hi! I just downloaded the free version and went to unlock the premium (today is the 6th), and Apple wants to charge me $2.99. I thought it would be discounted until the 11th. Just wondering!

  3. Will you be making it so there is a favs folder in the app? So that we can click and store all our favorites in one place? LOVE your videos!

  4. They are SO CUTE!!!
    I LOVE your app. It is so helpful!!!
    I was useing your app and I found the video where Rylan had a Q&A and she said that Daxton was going to have a Q&A for the 250th video. Keep making videos!!!

  5. Thank you so much!! Me and my two girls have been looking forward to this SOOOO MUCH!!! So SUPER excited to get the app! Thank you also for including us in your family, Jordyn, Stephanie and I are so thankful to be given the trust of knowing you all “personally”! See you around YouTube!

  6. I am a person who takes their shower in the morning and my hair drys crazy if I don’t blow dry it. Can you come up with some quick styles for sopping wet hair for adults that over sleep?

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