Cute Girls Hairstyles – Carved Pumpkin 2009

In honor of Adopt a ‘Do – Cute Girls Hairstyles, my hubby and girls decided to carve a pumpkin for Halloween of a super cute little girl with pigtails! It wasn’t the best photo because we took the picture this morning and my camera was wigging out with the awkward lighting. (Ever try to take a picture of a lit Jack-O-Lantern???)

Items Needed: Pumpkin, marker, stencil, poking pin, knife. (Power tools at husband’s insistence, drill and Dremel.)
Time Requirement: 5 long hours.

Cool Carved PumpkinAt any rate, you may recognize this little girl… if you guessed Boo from Monsters, Inc., you were right! We chose her because she reminded us so much of our own girls.

How does it look? I think they did a great job, although it did take five hours to carve! (To see a close-up, go ahead and click the picture!) Crazy how real it looks, eh? Just in case you did not believe this is our pumpkin, I took the following photos in the daylight…

Halloween carved pumpkinHalloween carved pumpkin 2
In the light, it really looks like a mess… but put in a lit candle and turn off the lights and magic happens!

Also, Don’t forget to enter our November’s Hairdoer of the Month contest. The winning entry will be posted on November 7th…click the link to see submission guidelines! This has been a fun idea for the site and we want to see more of your cute do’s! Show us what you’ve got!!!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I saw this carved pumpkin yesterday. It’s amazing, I’m really shocked. But I also want to know how did you make that… Is there any other easy facilities in addition to carve that with usual knife… 🙂

    P.S. I’m from Georgia and I know my English isn’t very good… 🙂

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