August 25, 2011

Back to School

So, like many of you, our girls returned to school this week. I am both happy and bummed out about it… our summer was sooooo busy that having four of the six occupied most of the day at school is very much a welcome relief, but I am also losing two of the best babysitters in the world!  Our son misses them dearly from the moment they walk out the door!

On Monday, I posted to our Facebook Group asking all of our followers to post their First-Day-of-School photos so we can see them. They were sooooo cute! As a grateful response, I decided to post ours here!

Back to School

Yes, we are back to charter school uniforms and early mornng hairdoing! Our routine includes hair being done starting at 6am, but the twins are actually getting pretty good at doing their own hair! This morning, as a last second decision about 30 minutes before they left for school… I relented and finally gave my #2 the bangs she wanted.

We have noticed lately that bangs are becoming quite popular everywhere we go, so we decided to go with it {against my hubby’s wishes}!  I have not had bangs personally for 16-17 years, because working with them in fun styles can be sometimes be difficult.  But, now that we have them and she is one of my greatest hairstyle lovers… we have decided to start a section for “Bang Hairstyles“!  {I can hear many of you cheering!}

Now, I know many of you may ask so I will let you all know of the hairstyles that we used in the above photo. They are, from left to right…

Curly A-line Bob {3-barrel}
High Cheer Bun {with braided wrap-around}
Triple-Braid Tieback {not filmed yet}
Subtle-Fishtail Tieback {not filmed yet}

Thanks again for being such amazing fans, and for taking an interest in our styles and our family!

Happy Hairdoing!

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