Back to School

So, like many of you, our girls returned to school this week. I am both happy and bummed out about it… our summer was sooooo busy that having four of the six occupied most of the day at school is very much a welcome relief, but I am also losing two of the best babysitters in the world!  Our son misses them dearly from the moment they walk out the door!

On Monday, I posted to our Facebook Group asking all of our followers to post their First-Day-of-School photos so we can see them. They were sooooo cute! As a grateful response, I decided to post ours here!

Back to School | Young girls wearing school uniforms

Yes, we are back to charter school uniforms and early mornng hairdoing! Our routine includes hair being done starting at 6am, but the twins are actually getting pretty good at doing their own hair! This morning, as a last second decision about 30 minutes before they left for school… I relented and finally gave my #2 the bangs she wanted.

We have noticed lately that bangs are becoming quite popular everywhere we go, so we decided to go with it {against my hubby’s wishes}!  I have not had bangs personally for 16-17 years, because working with them in fun styles can be sometimes be difficult.  But, now that we have them and she is one of my greatest hairstyle lovers… we have decided to start a section for “Bang Hairstyles“!  {I can hear many of you cheering!}

Now, I know many of you may ask so I will let you all know of the hairstyles that we used in the above photo. They are, from left to right…

Curly A-line Bob {3-barrel}
High Cheer Bun {with braided wrap-around}
Triple-Braid Tieback {not filmed yet}
Subtle-Fishtail Tieback {not filmed yet}

Thanks again for being such amazing fans, and for taking an interest in our styles and our family!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hi!
    In america you start school WAY later than we do in Australia. We start school sometime in the first few weeks of February and finish for the year about a week before Christmas. Every ten weeks we have two weeks holidays. I often do my cousins hair and she has bangs or “fringe” as we call it in Australia. It will be good to find ways to style them!

  2. cute! so if the twins can do their hair, and if the little girl you can only put a bow and you are done… then the only one missing is the girl that i guessed she has 8? you only have to do hers?
    wow… thats awesome.
    4 girls and you only do the girl whith the hair down.COOL.
    haha… The youngest girl looks so happy!
    Thank you for posting!

  3. HI, at the bottom of this post 2 of he hairstyles say “not posted” so I was wonderin gif you could film them because they look SUPER cute and I definately need more hairstyles for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I really like your photos of back to school!! And your twins really grew up!, they look so pretty!! I wish I can meet her! the one with the bangs. 😀

  5. I just found your website from someone’s Pinterest board, and I LOVE all the braids! I’m 30 now, but when I was a little girl my mom would braid my hair, and I eventually learned how to do all sorts of styles myself. I’m excited to try some of these on my own daughter!

  6. Hi i am in a private school two how old are your twins i(i just wanted to find out) because if they are twelve then they are the same age as me i go to there school but i just moved socto the school so i havnt made any friends maybe we can hang around someday!

  7. hi how old is you oldest daughter because if she is turnig twlve then we are the same age snap and i have bangs like your second daughter i love your second daughter better then your first because she beutiful and she seems one of thoses popular girls it must be really having twis anyways bi cool beans

  8. im 12 and i dont know what to do with my hair its about half way down my back. i need a hairstyle that will realy wow my freinds but i can do on my self for the first day back at school (it cant be out thoughand). ps. yourgirls are realy pretty.

  9. At first my hair was just plain, but now I have a new hairstyle every day, and everyone complements me on my hair. Thanks!:)

  10. At first I just had plain hair, now you really helped me have cute hairstyles. Every day I have a new hairstyle, and everyne complements me on it. Thanks:)

  11. Those hairstyles look great on your daughters! If you don’t mind me asking, why is one daughter in a different outfit then the other three? Just curious. 🙂 But anyway wonderful videos and please continue making them for a long time! 😀

  12. Man, i live in Washington and our school doesn’t start for two more weeks, but the public schools in W.A. are great, so NO UNIFORMS!!! Yea! But they look Darling on your Daughters, but not on me 😀
    Please post the new hairstyles soon, i need more new ideas!

  13. how come twin #1 isn’t wearing a skirt like the others????? Also I think it would be awesome to try and do a french twist. They look so pretty, but I can’t do them!

  14. Cute pic! In Barcelona we start the school the 12th September 🙂 My sisters and I we’re looking for some back to school hair do’s!
    We go to a private school too (Christian School) and we love our new uniforms. There’re yellow and green too! 🙂

  15. hey, so, listen!
    i luv this blog n stuff but wuld it be too nosey if i asked u a couple questions?
    how old r ur girlies? i no u did a family post but their growing so fati just cant keep track!
    has one of ur twins got pimmples? my dd thort she saw sum in the piccy coz shes only 10 and has spots and is desperate to get rid of them and continue “being the sweet little giwrly i am mwum”
    lol, any tips? do the kids go to a skl where its like age 3-13? coz its kinda like ur eldest shuld b in senior skl? soz im being personal, sorry sorry sorry. plz reply to thiss
    xxxxxxx sara

  16. What an adorable picture!
    This was our first week back to school as well.

    We had to go through all uniforms as well, trying them on for size, etc. (my DD goes to a Catholic School).

    I have to tell you that I have done two of your hairstyles this week, and the best one was the french braid band with the “rose” pinned up to the side. It was a big hit. At first I was a bit nervous about sending my DD to school with it, especially because it was picture day. I dont like to experiment with hair styles on the day that will snap the yearly picture. But DD insisted that she wanted it so I gave in. I was afraid that the braided “rose” would fall apart, especially because her hair is thin. BUT it stayed on and she received many compliments yesterday. 🙂

  17. My oldest is getting ready for school next year and I wanted to get into a charter school. I guess my question is how did you find your school and how did you get your kids in? What are the perks compared to public school? Thanks!
    P.S. Love your videos so easy to follow.

  18. Looking forward to the bangs hairstyles! My girls don’t have bangs, but I do (I have a big scar on my forehead from when I was little) and I am currently growing my hair out (it’s been short–above the ears–for 12 years!). It has grown out to below my ears, but it is very thick and heavy and it’s hard for me to know what to do with it. Headbands just don’t seem to look right on me, so I’m looking for options to pull it out of my face since it’s not long enough for a ponytail yet.

  19. Yay we switched to the same school! After seeing your cute girls on the first day of school my girls are begging for the plaid skirts too! Especially my 3rd grader miss M! Thanks for always posting great ideas!

  20. You started school already?! In Poland we have still holidays. We start school the 1st September 🙂 Your grls look very pretty! I like it 🙂

  21. Oh I can’t wait to see what you’re doing with the fishtail. My DD made a request for a fish tail for the second (LOL) day of school. She’s a planner!

  22. I have 3 girls and we all love your hairstyles! We all can’t wait to see what new hairstyle you come up with next. Love that your going to have a bang section… Keep up the great work!!!!

  23. Of course you are now having bang hair styles now that I am growing out my daughters 😉 Love your hairstyles!

    PS I wish our charter school let us wear pattern skirts we can only have solid colors.

  24. I looked back at your 3 barrel curls link, and noticed you were trying to find a way to clean your curling iron. I use those brown scrubbing wire type pads for dishes (sorry can’t think of what they are called). They are good to use to get rust off things, and hairspray off curling irons. I heard this as a teen, and have used it ever since. Hope this works for you. 🙂

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