Bedroom Bedlam and Monsters University

Our family has been a huge fan of Disney-Pixar’s Monsters, Inc, since it first came out in 2001. We thought that Boo was so adorable with her cute pigtails and she reminded us so much of our twins at the time. Then when we had CGH#3, we actually called her Boo for awhile!

In fact, some of you may remember that in our early years here at CGH, we carved a Halloween pumpkin with Boo’s image from Monster’s, Inc.  We had carved it several years since, as well!

As I am sure you would agree, I was thrilled a few weeks ago when Fandango approached me with an opportunity to attend the press junket for Disney-Pixar’s prequel called Monsters University, which opened in theaters this week.

Monsters University Press Junket | Cute Girls Hairtsyles
Me interviewing Billy Crystal…
Billy Crystal | Monsters University
Me interviewing Billy Crystal for Fandango at the Disney-Pixar “Monsters University” press junket.

I was able to visit Pixar’s headquarters, view a pre-premier screening of the movie, and interview the Director, Executive Producer, and the very funny main actors!

The Pixar Studios Lamp

Monsters University Gate at Pixar

Fandango has allowed me to post my interviews here, so please also feel free to watch and comment…

Prior to the interviews, I was able to film a Monsters University snippet starring… ME!  Yes, it is pretty funny, so please also check it out below…

Actually, during filming of the snippet, I was supposed to count to 100 while brushing my hair. Every time I reached 98, I would skip 99 unintentionally, and go straight to 100! I didn’t realize I was doing this until the third take. When I finally figured it out, the entire crew burst out laughing for a good minute! The rest of the day I was getting teased, of course, about my wonderful math skills!

Shortly after filming this snippet, I was ushered into a room for one-on-one interviews with Director Dan Scanlon and Executive Producer Kori Rae. I was subsequently also able to interview Billy Crystal {who voices the adorably green, one-eyed Mike Wazowski}, Nathan Fillion {who voices bully, Johnny Worthington III}, and Charlie Day {who voices the lovable and oddly-purple Art}.

Seriously, what stay-at-home mom ever gets the chance to interview a group of executives and actors like that? I mean, Billy Crystal… from City Slickers and The Princess Bride? Nathan Fillion from one of my favorite current TV series Castle? They were each so kind, hilariously funny, and provided great insights into their characters and the wonderful moral messaging of the movie.

The whole experience was simply amazing and so much fun… definitely one I will not forget anytime soon! From our home, and from our CGH fans, we thank Disney-Pixar and Fandango for giving us such a wonderful opportunity!

Feel free to make some family time this weekend and take your children to see Monsters University. I can’t wait to take my kids!

Happy Hairdoing!

* Note from Mindy: Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1st, so if you want to follow our blog… you can do so at BlogLovin, a new easy-to-use blog reader for women!

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  1. Hi mindy first off you r truly amazing all the hairstyles u do r awesome thank you so much. And second yours daughters hair is so pretty and wicked long I used to have long hair like hers but I chopped it of now it’s down to my collarbone and I’m still trying to get it to grow could you make a video with some tips that would help a lot of people

  2. So we just got the chance to take our girls (ages 9 & 6) to see Monster University. And yes it has great moral messages to all children and adults.
    So congrats you did great in your interview, also you’re right what stay-home mom gets a chance like you did. To my opinion that is a perfect example of achieving great things when you set your mint to it!

      1. Mindy you deserve the best , I really appreciate your hard work and I hope it takes you to many amazing places and that it makes you even more famous and loved than you are now ! We love you <3 xoxoxo

  3. OMG!! You met Nathan Fillion! He’s the best! Can’t wait to see the movie. Great job on the interviews.

  4. At first I was a little skeptical, but I have to say that you surprised me (and the celebrities) with the questions you asked. I don’t think I’ve watched a press junket snippet that was ever actually that interesting. Bravo!

    1. Thank you, Angela! I was pretty nervous all the way up until I sat down, but everyone made me feel so comfortable! It was a great experience! xoxo

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