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When I showed up to film this episode of Mom Minute, I was not prepared for this topic of depression to be suggested by a viewer.Depression and Home ChaosDepression is real, and should never be taken lightly. I have seen it in both sides of my family, as well as in some really good friends.

In this episode, I talk about how I myself will take a “mental health day” from time to time when life seems mundane, a day in which I really try to be kind and patient with myself.  Being a mom is not an easy responsibility, one of the hardest tasks on earth.Woman wearing a hat and orange shirt sitting in a chair in the living room

Woman wearing a hat and orange shirt sitting the living room waving helloSometimes we need to care and love ourselves a little before things  pin out of control. It basically comes down to, “How can we help our children, when we can’t help ourselves?

I make it a goal to get 1-2 things done on that day, and then build up from there.  I find that it gives me a sense of accomplishment that had been missing, which gives me a greater desire to do better the next day.

Later on in the episode, I also talk about the need to see a doctor or health care professional when one feels that she cannot get out of a rut. A doctor will have various treatments that may include therapy, medication, etc.

Seeing a doctor for depression is nothing to be ashamed of, as there are millions who are going through the same thing.

What I can tell you, is that you are very likely accomplishing way more than you give yourself credit for.  We are always our own worst critics. Let me say here that I do understand, that I am proud of you, and that I appreciate you!

You can see today’s episode of The Mom’s View’s Mom Minute below…

Happy Parenting!

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  1. Hi Mindy! I had a few questions for you! I also have a large family… 7 kiddos from age 9 to 1yr and I also have twins(boy/girl). Lately I have been extremely overwhelmed with my kiddos!! I wouldn’t say I was depressed but I get so flustered with my kids because the are so well behaved outside of our home but as soon as they walk threw the front door they transform into little rebels… I am overwhelmed with chores and I’ve tried to set chore lists for them but I find myself having to put of my chores because I have to constantly tell them what they should be doing! By the time bedtime comes around nothing gets done and I’m left with my chores and their chores to do. Most nights I don’t get to bed till 2 am and I’m up every morning at 6 am. Help!! I’ve tried everything!! My husband tries to help but he works 12+ hours everyday. So I guess my question is how do I get my children to behave and help out around the house? My other question was do you have any advice on meal planning and grocery shopping on a budget for a large family? Thanks in advance for letting me vent!! Lol… I love all your videos and are a true inspiration to me!! Hope to here from you!

    1. I do have some ideas to share, and will do so in an upcoming video. As you know, it never is easy, but we do our best to make the home a happy and functioning place. Big hugs to you! xoxo

  2. Hey Mindy!
    I’m a big fan of your hairstyles, and I was wondering: since you filmed spring, easter(loooong ago) and valentine’s, why don’t you try to create a Christmas hairstyle? It’s drawing near, and I’ve haven’t seen a Christmas style at all in your website. Is there a specific reason or something? If there isn’t, why don’t you create one? i myself am absolutely braindead and can’t think of anything now, but I know you can!

    One of your many fans,

    PS I have no idea where to put this comment so I just put it on your latest post!

  3. May I suggest you create a separate website for people who need advice? I go on this website to view hair tutorials and more and more I am finding these postings, not all of us have these issues or need help with life problems. It’s getting annoying.

  4. I just wanted to tell Amy she is not alone. I am a mother of 3 and a 4th on the way. Right now life is a lot better. When my two oldest were 3 and 1 I was depressed and I lost myself in book after book neglecting their need to have me around. So I just want to tell Amy that I would give anything and go back and relax not be so hard on myself just sit down and hug them. I try to do that now they are 9,7 and another sister 4. It doesn’t make my responsibilities go away but it does make them feel easier to handle!
    I hope this helps and doesn’t appear judgmental ! That is not my intent at all!
    From one mom to another
    With love.

  5. Hi! Great comments about exercising,etc. Please do not take a medication until you have exhausted everything else. They are mind altering and addictive. Could I suggest a good, healthy diet? Too much sugar can cause depression. Also, sounds like you need some extra outside help for a while; someone to come in and clean one afternoon a week. If you can’t afford that, pay a sitter to come in and entertain the kids while you get some work done. Some Churches offer a Mother’s Morning Out (Methodist Church), etc. Get involved with a mommy group (kids play, moms visit). You are overloaded…you need someone to physically help you get your work done. Ask the Lord to help you. I will be praying for you! John 3:16

  6. I sort of know how she feels, although I only have one child who is two, almost three. also instead of back problems, I am dealing with having epilepsy. I was diagnosed with it back in august and am on medication but my meds keep me sooo sleepy that I feel as if I am just not accomplishing anything and I always have a fear that if I have a seizure and what if I am holding my son when this happens, that one single thought terrifies me to death! especially since he witnessed my last seizure. (I was giving him his breakfast when it happened) so I do feel that this #momminute video definitely can relate to me.

  7. Thanks for this. I needed to hear it. I have 4 young kids and I struggle to feel happy almost daily. Luckily I’m a pretty motivated person so I can usually make myself get up and do things, even though it’s not as much as I used to. It’s so hard to not feel like a failure and I worry it will never get easier. Anyway, I appreciate your comments!

  8. My suggestions would be to take the kids in the stroller or wagon and take a walk around the neighborhood. If the house is a mess, life is chaos. Clean up the house, at least the living room and kitchen to start with. Once a month take a few hours for yourself by going out with a few friends you haven’t seen/talked to in awhile. Once a month make a date night with your husband. That’s TWO nights a month that YOU get to feel like an adult and get recharged. The same goes for your husband, he gets two nights as well. Communicating to your spouse is the best the thing for any relationship. I was pretty bad about two years ago before my ex husband came home and asked for a divorce. I’ve been better off without him ever since. Things are starting to look up. Now I’m not blaming EVERYTHING on him, he was PART of my depression. I am still working on other parts of it. Getting rid of negativity has been the greatest part of beating my depression. Amy, I hope you are able to pull through this. Positive thoughts.

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