CuteGirlsHairstyles on ABC4 News

In case any of you local fans missed it {especially all of you international fans} here was a local news feature talking about our hairstyles and the recent national attention.

ABC4 Utah Logo

I had a good laugh when we watched this interview on TV the first time and noticed the huge kids SuperSaucer play toy in the background! You would think we would have had enough sense to move it out of the room!

We were on two other local news stations last week, but we have not yet received the links. Once we have them, we will post them here for you all to enjoy!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. You said you were hoping to not look dumb (I think) So far so good! You always come off as an easy-going cool collected person. Way to go Mindy– super excited for your family!

  2. I actually love that the Supersaucer was in the background. It shows that you’re a real, normal family, & it dissolves any image of uppitiness. 🙂 (Is that a real word? lol) Anyway, it added down-to-earth appeal which supports your statement that you’re not in it for the money/fame, while still allowing your family look polished & like you’ve got it together. Hope that makes sense. 🙂 Anyway, this mama (31) loves CGH & can’t wait to start doing my baby girl’s hair in addition to mine.

  3. Oh, and I should probably add that my daughter is 3, and she and my 2 year old son fight over who gets to get their hair done first in the morning. I’m limited to one style with him (faux hawk – though I imagine I could do a spike or something else, I just don’t know how), so I’d love to see your little D star in a video, too!

  4. I love seeing all the media response to your videos, as I’ve been watching for quite some time (since before my daughter really had enough hair to do much with!). I almost don’t want to tell other moms about the site, because I don’t want to share, but with all the attention you’ve had, my daughter will likely have competition in terms of who has the cutest hair in the whole preschool. 😉 I have had problems doing a lot of the styles on her hair because it’s very curly, but we’re getting better the more we practice (and she actually ASKS me to practice). Thanks for what you do – I love that she comes home every day and says, “My teachers love my hair!” or “so and so’s Mommy said my hair is pwetty!”

  5. I Think You Deserve This..You Have Taught Me Hair Do’s For My Daughter In which i get Many Compliments on Daily My Lil Girl Tells me Ty Maman For Making My hiar Beautiful…<3

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