CuteGirlsHairstyles on the Anderson Cooper Show

Our family received a surprise invitation this week by Anderson Cooper to participate in his daily talk show in NYC! The segment airs tomorrow, March 5th!

Please visit the Anderson Cooper website and enter your zip code to see where/when this episode will air in your area! You can also click here to see an episode summary.

CuteGirlsHairstyles on the Anderson Cooper Show

We had a fabulous time on set, and really appreciated Anderson and his staff, who were all so great to work with! {Particular thanks go to Anderson himself, Ty, Shana, and Lauren!}

The view from the studio was astounding, as it looks over Columbus Circle and Central Park! Our girls had an absolute blast!

Anderson even took time to visit with the girls after the show, which we knew he did not have to do! Our #4 even told him that he needed a mowhawk! So look what we will have drummed up for him really soon!

We want to thank Anderson Cooper and his staff for allowing us to participate, and particularly Abbi Tatton and the YouTube Parter Support Team for helping make this happen! We love you all!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. What Miah said! I was SO thrilled that my two favs were going to be on the same show, Anderson Cooper and the Shaytards! How exciting to know that ya’ll will be on too! WOOHOO!!! Can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s episode!

  2. And i also saw #4 tell him he needs a mohawk. ITs all in the Shaytards vlog! You should watch it if you havent

  3. OMG! Yesterday i was watching the shaytards vlog and i saw a girl with the lady gaga bow tails and shay was filming p-tard do weirdo push ups and i saw the other girls face and i was like IS THAT THE LITTLE GIRL FROM CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES????? But no one ever replied and now you just confirmed it! THAT IS SO COOL HOW I KNEW THAT!

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