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Over 99% of the visitors to this site are women (moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, little girls, etc), but there is a very small minority of visitors who are fathers! Yes, FATHERS who for whatever reasons take it upon themselves to help their little daughters feel beautiful each day!

I received this email from one great dad yesterday that left a smile on my face. Here is what he says…
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Hello Mindy,

Awesome site..THANX!

I have morning duties with my 7 yr old daughter & I struggled to find different “do’s” on a day to day. We looked for new styles online & POOF there u were…I would like to take this time to say great job by your children to sit while hair is being done (probably drives them CooCoo!!!)…lol

I have a few pics of new do’s & would love to share! Not only do you help MOMS but….. spread the word..You held DADS also!!


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So, to anyone who thinks it is really awesome for Donny to take on hair duties in the morning… please feel free to give him a shout out here! Also, if your husband helps with hairdoing, or if you are another dad like Donny who does hair, please also let us know here!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. hi mindy can you please to more hairstyles with veins and really quickly but beautiful I would really apriciated and I love your channel I love it!

  2. I think my dad once tried to do my Sister’s hair. It was a disaster of a ponytail, so luckily he ran into one of mum’s friends on the way to school so she could fix it! I think that was the same day he tried to sew up her school uniform whilst it was still on her……..
    Once I couldn’t find a hair tie, so he offered to go and get me a cable tie from the shed! He was actually serious! LOL!!!!

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