I've Been Featured!!

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**This is me with my YIPPEE face!!!** (picture of me and my hubby from last 4th of July)

McKnight family picture - young couple posing for a picture

I’ve been featured on this amazing website called Beauty and the Bath! I’m thrilled to have had the oppurtunity to write up a little article and one of my hairdo’s for her site. Go check it out–it’s seriously an amazing site. Tons of information! You can link direct to my article here.

**Random Thought: Since I’m posting 4th of July pictures, here’s one of the family (we were three weeks away from adopting our “little dude”). We love the 4th and go all out! Check out the girls hairdo’s–instructions coming soon!

McKnight family picture - 2 parents and their 4 toddles posing for a picture

Happy Hairdoing!

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