Too Many Things!

 I have too many things I want to post about and too little time! Mostly, I just can’t decide what to post first… should I post another daddy-do? Regular hairdo? Explain more about adoption or the financial side of adoption? Post some new adoption situations? Do more Tips & Tricks? Answer a few questions I’ve recently received?Picture of young woman posing as if she were contemplating something

So, I throw it out to you, my followers… what do you want more of? What are your favorite things? What would you like me to spend my time writing about? Or maybe you think the blog is just perfect the way it is. Please leave me comments!

*Note: I’m not promising to follow all suggestions (LOL), but I promise to try!

In the meantime… here is another amazing comment I received this week.

“Mindy, I wanted to thank you for sharing your adoption story with me via email around Thanksgiving. I left you a comment about my sister and her husband wanting to adopt and they had been with “another agency” for almost three years with no success. They did register with both Heart to Heart and A Guardian Angel (AGA) and after being with those agencies for a month or so- they were picked! I wanted to thank you for posting the adoption entries and keeping the light on this. There are so many families who long to have children and can not. Thank you again! I also really enjoy all your hair style entries- I love to try them on my daughter!”

Thanks “C”!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. More reuglar hairdo`s on your number three because she has the same hair type as my sisters!!! And some more updos please!!! thanks!!

  2. want more hairstyles for 4 year olds with thin a few inches below shoulder hair and of your oldest daughters for the teen looks:) I am 13 and do mine and my little sisters hair every morning and I love yor ‘dos they are soo cute!

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