Giveaway Winners Announced!!!

OK so after reviewing all the comments from my “I Need Your Help Giveaway” I have decided on TWO fun things to do for Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for all the comments and ideas. I am set for many Valentine’s to come! Plus I am sure others reading borrowed some ideas too!

So the winners are Janelle and Amy. I can’t say any more about what I have planned yet–because often the hubby reads my blog. But I will definitely be telling you all how it went after Valentines!

If Amy (comment #12)and Janelle (comment #16) are out there, please leave me a comment with your mailing info so I can send off my surprise. It has nothing to do with hair…but is one of my new favorite things! Just a small little thing, but fun all the same! I had some friends in town this weekend and we all agreed it was a great. Enjoy.

***I am going to be starting a new giveaway tomorrow. IT’S A BIGGIE!!!! You are going to want to check it out!

PS I cleaned off my 3 barrel curling iron!!! The nail polish remover worked great combined with hot water! You all saved me….thanks so much!

Happy Hairdoing!

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