Mindy’s Hairstyling Essentials

It is time to give you an updated hair care review from the CGH home!

In the video below, I review my latest favorite hairstyling products, along with a few of my die-hard tried and true products from years past.

Hair Care Essentials{You have probably seen me use many of these products in my videos, including one video where my husband actually at the Jonathan Dirt pomade while styling my daugter’s hair!}

Not only am I reviewing these great items today, but we are going to give away a gift bag, containing one each of the reviewed items, to one lucky viewer!

Simply watch the video for the giveaway rules, and then record your entries inside the widget below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

Be sure to check out BrooklynAndBailey‘s video from last week on affordable Fall/Winter Fashion for young teens! You can see it here…

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  1. I’m so grateful for my faith, my family, health and for great ideas on how to do my hair and my daughter’s hair!

  2. I am sooooo thankful that i have the best parents and sister who love me dearly and my friends that are just awesome. I love this channel and i hope i’ll get this giveaway

  3. I’m grateful for hair! Can you imagine how uninteresting we’d all be if we were all bald? And there would be none of your fun videos. Hooray for hair! 😉

  4. It is really awesome that you have asked everybody to state what they are grateful for. It really made me think because I am having a serious back surgery on December 5th and I have acting like things could not be worse. But to stop and think about it, they definitely could be way worse!! I actually very recently found out that a high school friend of mine is going through a lot right now. Her mother is very sick, she has a 4 year old little brother and 2 blind pugs, and they are in a very unfortunate situation especially around such a cheerful time of year. They are about to lose their home to foreclosure, leaving them no where to go. All of our friends have gotten together and are putting on a fund raiser to help her raise the $6,500 she needs in order to save her home from the bank who plan to take it from them on nov 23rd. Hopefully all goes well. Back to your request, I AM GRATEFUL FOR FAITH, FRIENDS AND FAMILY. FAITH WILL GET ME THROUGH MY SURGERY (it got my mother through her recent surgery to remove a breast lump) AND IF IT WERE NOT FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY THEN MY FRIEND WHO IS IN NEED OF HELP WOULD NOT HAVE A STANDING CHANCE OF SAVING HER HOME. IT’S REALLY A WONDERFUL THING TO SEE EVERYONE PULL TOGETHER TO HELP SOMEBODY IN NEED. IF EVERYBODY TOOK A MOMENT TO BE THANKFUL FOR THE THINGS THAT THEY HAVE AND REALIZE THAT A LOT OF OTHERS ONLY DREAM OF HAVING THOSE THINGS THAN THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE. MATERIALISTIC THINGS ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO THE GIFT I’VE BEEN GIVEN TO HAVE A ROOF OVER MY HEAD, FOOD IN MY REFRIGERATOR AND SUPPORT FROM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. IF I WERE TO WIN THIS GIFT BASKET, I WOULDN’T HESITATE TO GIVE IT TO MY FRIEND IN NEED. SHE HAS BEEN SAVING EVERY DOLLAR SHE HAS TOWARDS SAVING HER HOME AND WHILE SHE STILL KEEPS UP HER APPEARANCE, I KNOW IT HAS BEEN HARD ON HER AND SHE HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO BUY THE NORMAL EVERYDAY THINGS THAT SHE NEEDS. SHE WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR HAVING YOUR SUBSCRIBERS THINK HOW LUCKY THEY ARE. IT SEEMS YOU’VE GOT A WONDERFUL AND RESPECTABLE FAMILY AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DEBUT ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA AND ALL OF YOUR SUCCESS!!! Happy holidays, best wishes, great health, and more!! Thank you,
    Jessica Merrill

  5. Hello my girls have beautifull hairstyles every day because off you..thank you for that. God bless you.
    Greets from your fans in the Netherlands

  6. I entered & I am grateful for my family. Being able to spend time with them everyday is truly a blessing. They are the rock that pushes me to reach my goals of becoming a nurse.

  7. I am thankful for my family! Especially my daughter who lets me try most of your hairstyles in her hair… I want to win this basket… Please pick me!!!

  8. I am so thankful to God for my family, my house and for all the good people that still make me believe that there is hope in the world.

  9. I’m grateful to have someone AMAZING on youtube and Mindy, You will be on Daily News Tomorrow, right? Congrats Mindy, Brooklyn, Bailey , CGH3, CGH4 , CGH5 , Sweet Pea and Dad! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. i am so grateful for my family, in-laws and friends.. thankful for so many hair ideas you keep on sharing.. God bless!

  11. I am thankful for my beautiful family and friends and this wonderful channel that gave me a new and fun hairstyle everyday. Thank you 🙂

  12. I am grateful for my mom because she always support me in all the goods stuff i do. I wanna win this giveaway because i never win any giveaway before and i have been wanting the stuff you are going to giveaway but i didnt ask my parents to buy for me because i do not want my parents to waste their money.

  13. I am grateful for my family, my food and my friends. I am also VERY grateful for this amazing channel. Thank you so much for posting a video every Sunday and Donating your time to doing that. Thank You Mindy!

  14. I am so very thankful for cutegirlshairstyles for teaching me how to do all these awsome and wonderful hairstyles!! Your such a good teacher i just love how you break everything down and explain it so well i actually learn how to do the hairdos when i watch u!!I have 3 girls and they just love to watch your girls and they come up with alot of good fun ideas,so thank u for being totally awsome and also bringing my family together to do hair and all your really fun great ideas we have a blast doing them all keep up the great work!And thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity im just so exited to see if we win i never win anything lol… but i always tell my girls to just keep trying and never give up on anything!! So i guess well see if it ever pays off!!lol thank u mindy n your wonderful family

  15. I got a late start on this but it’s worth a shot! I haven’t done a giveaway in almost two+ years. Life happens. Thank you Mindy for the wonderful videos you and your girls create. I wish I had a little girl to practice these braids and hair styles on. I have two boys. Again thank you.

  16. I love all your videos!! I’m so grateful for have such an amazing family and to be blessed with such great people and an amazing life. I want to thank my parents so much because they do so much to make my siblings and I happy and to make sure we are all okay and well. Your videos are so fun, I watch them all. I get so excited when you post a new video because then I get to try out a new hairstyle!! I can’t do them all on my own but I love trying to do them and all the helpful tips you give! I love Brooklyn and Baileys videos too, they’re fashion is just so cool!! Thanks so much for being so inspirational to me and all these other people too 🙂

  17. I am thankful for having the support of my family and their love, i am thankful that i have friends who are always here for me, i am thankful for everything god has given me, i am thankful to be here this day and saying this wonderful things and i am thankful just to be apart of the journey called life.

  18. Im thankful to have my whole family under one roof. We recently were granted custody of my husbands 2 boys due to an unfortunate event. We also have 2 girls all under the age of 12. i enjoy watching your videos. They are so helpful. I hope you and your family have a good holiday season and much time well spent together.

  19. first i am grateful for my beloved parents and also my bff. They always be there for me and so do i. Second is for cutegirlshairstyles for inspiring me into braiding. i have so much fun with it till i got my part time job for braiding people for party,prom,formal and lot more. I just wanna say Thankyou!! XXX

  20. first i am grateful for my beloved parents and also my bff. They always be there for me and so do i. Second is for cutegirlshairstyles for inspiring me into braiding. i have so much fun with it till i got my part time job for braiding people for party,prom,formal and lot more. I just wanna say Thankyou!! XX

  21. I’m soooooo grateful/thankful for my mom! I love her soooooooo much! She there for me ALL the time and after my father passed away at the beginning of the year I was very devastated but my mom was there every single step of the way and I’m very glad I still have her although I do love my father VERY much

  22. i’m thankful to be the daughter of two very loving & supportive people, i know how much my father adored me and how much my mom does too, they gave me everything they possibly could … and even some things they probably couldn’t 🙂
    i just <3 them

  23. I’m thankful for my braidingskills and my awesome and lovely family 🙂 hope your next video is coming soon 😉 its awesome to try your braids for my sisters and for my mom, keep going 😀 looovv Nitta<3

  24. Im thankful I have a amazing hair stylist like you and a wonderful family which always make my day.i love everyday of my life

  25. I am thankful for the life the I have now, just happy and contented. Happy that I have my family and friends even if we live a simple life.

  26. i am thankful for all the wonderful people in my life.
    i would like this because i want to give a really nice present

  27. Im thankful for this giveaway. The Fact that you are being nice and generous by doing this giveaway is thanks enough 🙂

  28. i love the videos they give a mom such as myself so many good ideas and you opened up a whole big selection of all the different types of hair styles..

    i love love this channel.

    thank you for taking the time to show us your talent

  29. Im greatfull to have the best mom in the world… I love my mom….

    And im thankfull to u.. Bcz i have learned alott of hairstyles shown by u… U r amazing mindy…

  30. I am thankful for my family and my church. I am also thankful for my friends and everyone that’s in my life. Im thankful for you guys and your videos! Thank you!!!

  31. I love you guy you are so helpful to me and my family and you are a great example of love goodness fun and don’t for get you are beautiful

  32. I am greatful having amazing people like you Mindy and your children and husband to give me inspiration to live a good life and for giving me amazing tips on how to live my life! I have changed for the better so much thanks to the help of you, Sean, Brooklyn and Bailey (especially) Cgh#4 CGH#3 Buddy and even Sweetpea! Xxxxxxxx

  33. I’m so thankful for my family, my mom who always be there. hug me whenever i have a problem and always forgives me whenever i hurt her heart. my father who always never complains from hard work for earn some moneys. And my sisters who always support and help me. I’m also thankful for god who’s given me this wonderful life.

  34. i am super grateful for the people in my life and my sisters and for the job my dad has lets just say if it werent for my dad my family would be living on the streets. I have 8 people in my family so my kom and dad cant afford for thease things.

  35. I enjoy watching your videos. I especially love when the hairstyles work on my extremely heavy/thick hair. Thank you for your generosity in hosting this giveaway!


  36. I’m grateful for my family, my best friends because they always encourage me when I was having a hard time, even though they don’t live near by me (I’m an overseas student).And I’m grateful for your youtube channel too, it inspires me to do my own hair :), Thank you, Mindy 🙂

  37. I am great full for all our veterans and Mindy , cute girls hair styles, god, my mom, Brooklyn Also bailey my family my teachers also friends the news reporters who estimates the weather and informs what’s going on in the world and books because it helps with better imagination

  38. I am thankful for my parents and grandparents that give me unconditional love every day no matter what i do or say.

  39. I am very grateful for my family, friends, and pretty much everything else in the world around me. I am also grateful for you and your YouTube channel. You and Brooklyn and Bailey are AMAZING, and I don’t know where I would be in the hair and fashion world without your family.

  40. I am grateful for my family, and how they always support me. Also, I’m grateful for my friends because they all have my back and when I need to talk to someone they are always there.

  41. I am thankful for your awesome videos and I must say all your outfits are pretty cool but my favorites are the black dress with the jean jacket and the ripped jeans with the gray long sleeve shirt and blak vest and of course your hair styles are always super cute!

  42. I’m grateful for the live I’m living now, I’m have money to buy food and clothes. And I’m really happy I’m my live, not depressed, I’ve friend enough, a lovely family and I can go to school.

  43. Hi mindy i watch your videos everyday with my girls, i have 3 girls and they all have long hair so i figured i should learn some new hairstyles and we just love all of your awsome and different braids and updos!! And i always tell anyone if they want to learn a new hairstyle to check out cutegirlshairstyles becuz i love the way you break it down n do it step by step sum videos you cant tell what their doing n they do it all fast but when i watch your videos i actually learn how to do the hairdo lol…And for the giveaway im very thankful for my family my girls mean everything to me i just lost my father this past april and im greatful for all the good times i got to spend with him i miss him like crazy and its not gonna be the same without him on the holidays but i know hes here watching over me and my girls!!Im thankful for having a roof over our heads food in out mouths and vehicles to get around im thankful for my familys health im thankful for my grandmother that is still here with me im thankful for my mother,stepfather,my sister and brothers i might not see them everyday but im thankful for the love i give and recieve and im thankful for your videos or i wouldn’t know how do all these cute hairstyles! Lol and im thankful for this great opportunity to try to win some awesome free hair products thanks n happy holidays!!;-)

  44. I’m grateful for spending each day with my family and having my true friends by my side. I’m also grateful for all the people that help us out each day- doctors, teachers, policemen, veterans, firefighters, etc. We should all be grateful for God letting us spend another day with our family & be grateful for what we have than don’t have. Thank you for taking the time to make such amazing videos for us & for this amazing giveaway (:

  45. I’m grateful for you and your amazing family who take the time to make so many helpful videos. ( my hair is a struggle) your videos are fun to watch, and they motivate me to do my hair every morning, and to develop a new talent, and be able to use it on others! Thank you!:)

  46. I am grateful for my family, my house, and for you and your AWESOME HAIRSTYLES..Thank you So much Mindy and PLEASE pick me …I have entered every one of your and brooklynandbaileys giveaways and never won.i would really really really love to win this .. I watch all of your videos and wear your hairstyles all of the time.. I really would be so happy if I won this.. I know a lot of people entered and I probably will not win but I would like you to know that I am a huge fan of yours 🙂

  47. hi Mindy!:D
    im 13 yo girl from finland and really luuv your channel hope u find my comment because im really exited for this huge giveaway!:) in finland i cant even find those prodects or if i found then theyre too expensive for me:/ i have my parents promise to be in this competiton so im really happy!:D from:Nitta Rantanen to:Mindy ps.im sorry for my worse english language ,but i tried my best ;D luuv u!:)

  48. You guys always have such nice things to wear! I love how you do your hair with your outfits! I hope you have a a good Fall!

  49. I am grateful for everything I have, my family, my pets, and my friends. I am grateful that I have so many people that love me in my life and care!

  50. I am thankful and blessed for my children. I love them more than anything in the world. I am also thankful for my parents plus my parents in laws, without their help I don’t know where we would be. I am also thankful for a loving family with a place to live and food. Thankful for my husband even though I get mad at him I realize he is the only one that is my bestfriend and is always by my side and supports me no matter what.

  51. Its amazing how you make gorgeous hairstyles. I just love your family especially brooklyn and Bailey .one day I wish I had your kibd of children

  52. I always look forward for Sundays….to watch ur videos…Its such a great thing to giveaway these super-cool products becoz we can’t find this type of products in our country…:)…I never fails to watch all ur videos…ur such a fabulous mom…<3..

  53. I really appreciate your work and i like all your videos
    i always learn from you and i mostly try to do hair styles on your way .. It’s easy and time saving ..
    Many many thanks to you

  54. I am grateful for the life god has given me, for love that my siblings give me, for the friendship my friends have trusted me with. 🙂

  55. I’m so thankful for my family, my mom who always be there. hug me whenever i have a problem and always forgives me whenever i hurt her heart. My father who always never complains from hard work for earn some moneys. And my sisters who always support and help me. I’m also thankful for god who’s given me this wonderful life 🙂

  56. HEY mindy and family, I would just like to let you know that if it wasn’t for you and your family I would be lost for with out your guidance on not only hairstyles but life I am very thankful for everything that you do for me and all of your fans. I am also grateful that I hae been given this wonderful oportunity to live on this earth. xx;)

  57. I’m grateful for me and my family’s health and that cutegirlshairstyles give us a insprriational hairstyle every week . Xxx

  58. I am grateful for all that is in my life right now, my family, my fiance, and of course my friends! I will always be there for them. ❤️❤ ️

  59. I am grateful for my loving family who has many fun times together, and especially towards my parents who always make sure my brothers and I are able to have opportunities that they never had.
    Also, I am very thankful for my friends who are genuinely beautiful people, and my teachers throughout the years who have been invested in teaching their students with continuous positivity and support.

    Also, I’d like to say I really enjoyed this video, and all your others, and am very thankful that I found your channel on YouTube!

  60. I am so thankful for my cousins and family. And for the church and gospel. For eternal families. For your videos. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have these supplies. I lie doing hair. I try your tutorials every chance I get. Thank you!!!

  61. I am thankful that when I am feeling down, I will always encourage myself to be positive. I pushed myself to do things that make me happy. =)

  62. I like your hair channel and it helps me out a lot and I wish I could win that giveaway because I don’t have that kind of money to go out an spend and I don’t ever win

  63. Im grateful that I hv a really amazing hair stylist and whenever I hv school photod I get all my ideas fron you and my friends give me compliments .I love it ♡

  64. I am most thankful for my amazing husband. He loves me and supports me in everything. He respects me and he has made me his equal partner in every aspect of our marriage. He is an amazing father and he has given me the greatest 3 children ever!

  65. I am thankful of my family and friends ! I don’t know what I would be doing if they weren’t there ! Just wanted to say thanks to Mindy for all the great hair Videos every Sunday ! I have been watching u guys for the past year and a bit and u guys gave me the inspiration to go to college and be a hairdresser thank u guys keep up with the awesome videos 🙂

  66. I an thankful for my amazing friends, my wonderful family , my beautiful home,and a pantry full of food I am 12 and I do have my parents permission to enter

  67. I’m gratefu to be alive. I just had a full hysterectomy 2 days ago due to medical issues. I’m also grateful for my sweet hubby & our 3 beautiful kids. I’m also grateful for the men & women who serve this country, & proud to say my hubby, father, father in law, grandpa’s, uncles & cousins are all veterans. God bless you all ♥

  68. I am really grateful that you take your time to make these videos. I really love how your family helps you with it. And I think you are an amazing person!

  69. I am so grateful for my 92 year okd great grandfather. He fought in world war 2 and likes to joke around. He always is visiting and is around when the holidays start rolling in. Thank you for making this give away I know that some one will get something great.

  70. I am grateful for the food,health,love,family and shelter that we take for granted everyday…thank you for this opportunity

  71. We all love your videos Mindy!! They are so helpful to us. Even if you don’t know how to do hair you can learn it from your channel because it is so helpful and you try to answer the questions that we have. Brooklyn and Bailey are a good model to the young ones that you could be whoever you want to. You should make more videos with your kids.

  72. i thank you guys for all he things you have showed and all the compliments i get from wearing the hairstyles i learned from your beautiful family

  73. Hi, my name is Emily, I am a subscriber of CuteGirlsHairstyles and Brooklyn&Bailey. I am very thankful for my family and friends. Education and life. I love watching you all and have a great thanksgiving! Bye! 🙂

  74. I am grateful for my family and friends that have supported me all my life and never given up on me! They have always been there for me and I will always be there for them.

  75. I am grateful for being able to enjoy every day with the love of my family and my friends. They are there through everything and are supportive. I am grateful for being able to be surrounded by my family and friends this upcoming holiday. I am also grateful for having a place to live and again having family and friends. Even though every day may not be how we wanted it to be, it can always get better. 🙂

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