Mindy’s Hairstyling Essentials

It is time to give you an updated hair care review from the CGH home!

In the video below, I review my latest favorite hairstyling products, along with a few of my die-hard tried and true products from years past.

Hair Care Essentials{You have probably seen me use many of these products in my videos, including one video where my husband actually at the Jonathan Dirt pomade while styling my daugter’s hair!}

Not only am I reviewing these great items today, but we are going to give away a gift bag, containing one each of the reviewed items, to one lucky viewer!

Simply watch the video for the giveaway rules, and then record your entries inside the widget below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

Be sure to check out BrooklynAndBailey‘s video from last week on affordable Fall/Winter Fashion for young teens! You can see it here…

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  1. I am sooooo thankful that i have the best parents and sister who love me dearly and my friends that are just awesome. I love this channel and i hope i’ll get this giveaway

  2. I’m grateful for hair! Can you imagine how uninteresting we’d all be if we were all bald? And there would be none of your fun videos. Hooray for hair! 😉

  3. It is really awesome that you have asked everybody to state what they are grateful for. It really made me think because I am having a serious back surgery on December 5th and I have acting like things could not be worse. But to stop and think about it, they definitely could be way worse!! I actually very recently found out that a high school friend of mine is going through a lot right now. Her mother is very sick, she has a 4 year old little brother and 2 blind pugs, and they are in a very unfortunate situation especially around such a cheerful time of year. They are about to lose their home to foreclosure, leaving them no where to go. All of our friends have gotten together and are putting on a fund raiser to help her raise the $6,500 she needs in order to save her home from the bank who plan to take it from them on nov 23rd. Hopefully all goes well. Back to your request, I AM GRATEFUL FOR FAITH, FRIENDS AND FAMILY. FAITH WILL GET ME THROUGH MY SURGERY (it got my mother through her recent surgery to remove a breast lump) AND IF IT WERE NOT FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY THEN MY FRIEND WHO IS IN NEED OF HELP WOULD NOT HAVE A STANDING CHANCE OF SAVING HER HOME. IT’S REALLY A WONDERFUL THING TO SEE EVERYONE PULL TOGETHER TO HELP SOMEBODY IN NEED. IF EVERYBODY TOOK A MOMENT TO BE THANKFUL FOR THE THINGS THAT THEY HAVE AND REALIZE THAT A LOT OF OTHERS ONLY DREAM OF HAVING THOSE THINGS THAN THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE. MATERIALISTIC THINGS ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO THE GIFT I’VE BEEN GIVEN TO HAVE A ROOF OVER MY HEAD, FOOD IN MY REFRIGERATOR AND SUPPORT FROM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. IF I WERE TO WIN THIS GIFT BASKET, I WOULDN’T HESITATE TO GIVE IT TO MY FRIEND IN NEED. SHE HAS BEEN SAVING EVERY DOLLAR SHE HAS TOWARDS SAVING HER HOME AND WHILE SHE STILL KEEPS UP HER APPEARANCE, I KNOW IT HAS BEEN HARD ON HER AND SHE HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO BUY THE NORMAL EVERYDAY THINGS THAT SHE NEEDS. SHE WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR HAVING YOUR SUBSCRIBERS THINK HOW LUCKY THEY ARE. IT SEEMS YOU’VE GOT A WONDERFUL AND RESPECTABLE FAMILY AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DEBUT ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA AND ALL OF YOUR SUCCESS!!! Happy holidays, best wishes, great health, and more!! Thank you,
    Jessica Merrill

  4. Hello my girls have beautifull hairstyles every day because off you..thank you for that. God bless you.
    Greets from your fans in the Netherlands

  5. I entered & I am grateful for my family. Being able to spend time with them everyday is truly a blessing. They are the rock that pushes me to reach my goals of becoming a nurse.

  6. I am thankful for my family! Especially my daughter who lets me try most of your hairstyles in her hair… I want to win this basket… Please pick me!!!

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