Happy St. Patricks Day!

I hope you all remembered to wear your GREEN today… and of course, your best clover hairstyles! I can only assume that there are tons of clovers walking around today because my traffic went through the roof last night! Really, I am flattered!

Look at what those naughty Leprechauns did at my house last night! They completely ransacked my kitchen!

Leprechaun Mess

To top it all off they hid the cereal bowls from the girls. Just look at this silly note they left for the girls…. is says, “We came, played, and hid your cereal bowls! Find them (and clean up)! Girls drool, Leprechauns Rule!”

Leprechaun Sign
I think the girls would have been really mad if those naughty little green Leprechauns hadn’t left some green candy with the hidden cereal bowls. Of course they didn’t leave gold since our Leprechaun traps didn’t catch them.

Usually traps stay at home, but this year the traps went to school for a school project. I hope the school had better luck then we did!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. hi mindy! i am ten years old and i love your hairdos! like you said in Behind The Braids that you are a member of the church of jesus crust of latter day saints. i am also a member! you look familiar to me but i don’t know why. well, thank you for the awesome hairstyles! how do you come up with these??!! please reply! (: <3 your hairstyles!

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