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I am being asked all the time in comments or emails if I can share more about my life than just our hairstyles.  Honestly, for me, it is tough to even know where to start since there is so much more to me than just hairstyling. I always question myself… “What do I focus on, and how should it be presented?”

Here is an easy way to see my interests, and you can take these ideas and share them with others as well!  It is all by using a new social-media website called Pinterest. In the tutorial below, I show you how to use Pinterest to “pin” all of your favorite things in an easy and fun way!

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Think of Pinterest like a virtual cork board, where you can store your favorite photos from other sites for later reference. As you pin photos, your followers can see what you are pinning… and they can take that photo and pin it onto their board, etc.  Moms pin hairstyles, party ideas, home decorating tips, etc… even young girls are starting boards with pinned photos for their dream wedding!  The browsing and sharing of pins is what is quite addictive,… I promise you that!

As I am sure you can imagine, we receive tons of FB posts and emails with links to websites photos with styles they want me to try… which by sheer volume is hard keep up with. In this tutorial, I show you how you can tag me {@Mindy “MrsHairdo”} in a hairdo photo so that it appears on my general board automatically and I can repin them to my “Try” board. This will be the easiest way for me to keep track of all of your hairdo requests! Then, based upon the number of likes any style gets… I can put that hairdo to the top of the queue! Does that make sense?

Since Pinterest is fairly new, joining is by member invitation only unless you are willing to be placed on its waiting list. If you do not want to wait, feel free to send me an email with “Pinterest” in the subject line and I will be sure to send you an invite if I can.  You can send me an email at cutegirlshairstyles(at)

I am warning you now… Pinterest is highly addictive! Follow us and Pin Away!

Happy Hairdoing!

* Note from Mindy: Don’t forget to follow us on BlogLovin, a new easy-to-use blog reader!

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  1. I have avoided Pinterest because I know I will be addicted and not get anything done. But last week I bent to the peer pressure. 😉 I have to set a timer or else I’m in trouble. I just figured out that I can follow peoples boards. I LOVE that I can see all of the video tutorial pics on one page. Awesome!
    I’ve been following your blog for a year now. I stumbled upon it while googling “cute girl hair”. I love the video tutorials and my girls can’t stop watching them over and over! I try to do one new style a week at least. Now I have several quick “go to” hairstyles.
    I suspected you were LDS right off the bat. It’s funny how you can just get a feel for the “Mormon Mommy” in us all. 😉 It’s nice to know that they can watch your videos without worrying what else they’re going to see or hear in the background. Love the hair, Love the blog, LOVE the video tutorials! Keep it up! Congrats on the new baby.

  2. I LOVE pinterst, it is actually how I found your site I haven’t been on there to long but am very addicted. I am now following you on there. I am off to get the pin it button on my toolbar I somehow missed that one.

    I can’t wait to try some of your hairdo’s, my dd has really long straight hair and I am always looking for hair inspirations 🙂

  3. Hi, I just watched your tutorial on the crown braid… my little girl is being Heidi (the little swiss girl) for Halloween and I think the crown braid will be perfect to complete the costume. Thanks for the helpful hints!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. I have been asking so many people at church about this and I just wanted a quick tutorial, so thanks so much! I also love your hair blog, my little girl loves to watch the videos with me and pick out different “do’s”

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