My Family Introduction…

Hi girls! Although you may all think that cute hairstyles are my passion… that passion really is my family!

By popular request, we decided to film a video (in HD as well) introducing my entire family… including my four daughters, my hilarious son, and my hubby. So many followers wanted to see my twins together, because twins are — well, intriguing. Others have believed that I use the same girl for most of my videos when, in fact, I am using the twins. Simply click to view the photos in a larger format…

McKnight Family Photo

Yes, as I am sure you can tell, that the twins are identical. They may look the same, but they are very much different in the best ways. They are both wonderful helpers around the home. The oldest of the two, both almost age 11, is very much like a second mommy who is always looking out for the little ones.

Twin #1

My second twin is my little homemaker who very much enjoys cooking (pretty much anything). Often she volunteers to cook dinners, and I mean all of the dinner. She was born only two minutes after her twin sister.

Twin #2

My #3 daughter, almost age 8, has perhaps the most manageable hair of all my children and I even dispell in the video the myth that many viewers have shared that she wears mascara (notice the close up). She gets so many compliments on her eyes, but I think that is funny because all my girls have the same beautiful eyes!

Daughter #3

My #4 daughter has the short A-line bob haircut and is my model for our shorty do’s. She is a character, and her grin always leads you to wonder what she has been up to! Her sense of humor is contagious and she’s a true delight to have in the family.

Daughter #4

My son, age 2, really puts the exclamation point on our family! As you can tell, he keeps us all entertained and is spoiled by his sisters beyond belief! What a joy it has been having him in our family! (You can read his Adoption Story here.)

Our Son

Now you can click the video to see the children all together…

Many of you have been asking what hairstyles I have used on my three oldest daughters in this video, because you do not recognize them from the site or on YouTube. I have posted one of them just last week, the Cute Teen Bun. The other two have been filmed, but have not been uploaded yet. I have to give you something to keep coming back for, right?

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. what are all of your children es names because i know Brooklyn and bailey from their channel but what are your other daughters names i would really like to know please

  2. Hey Mindy your kids are pretty and adorable and they have such healthy and silky hair and you are a very talented woman are you a hairdresser? And my favourite hair styles are the Dutch braided flower the knotted bangs and the lace braid thanks for being so helpful

  3. Mindy, I think you’re daughters are absolutely gorgeous and get their looks from you! How do you get their hair to be so silky and healthy? I love their hair and your son is sooo cute! I love watching your videos!:) I even tried the waterfall twist once! I have a pic of the back of my hair.. I think the hairstyles are perfect and you can use them anyday!<3

  4. I’m really interested with girls who have brilliant braids, I guess I can say “brillaidiant” :)). I don’t know if you are interested in animation, because I created one on the Internet! Made from a Nintendo DSi. It’s called “Knight from the last dimension”, and 4 parts avilable. You know I am very talented with drawing. So I could impress people. I’m thinking of ABBA Fernando.

  5. Hey Mindy,
    Greetings from Germany.
    I am almost every day on YouTube, and see her a new video you uploaded,
    because I love your videos and admire you for that.
    You have very beautiful children’s and always so great ideas!
    I wish I could meet you.
    Your biggest fan, Marie (13)

    Sorry, for the bad english!

  6. Hello Mindy,
    I really enjoy watching you do all the gorgeous braids. I absolutely love braids. Do you make these up yourself? You truly are so blessed with a wonderful and beautiful family. I enjoy this site of yours and I’m trying to figure out how to pin the whole thing to my pinterest files. Well, God bless always.

  7. WOW mindy im 10 years old and when i first got on this website i went to school with these amazing hairstyles and now everyone uses it EVEN MY TEACHER!!! you are so cool

  8. hi mindy you have such a beautiful famiy. im 12 and when i grow up i want to have a family just as beautiful as yours! :)but i just wanted to ask how did you get your #3’s hair so wavey like that? p.s. your daughters are sooo pretty! and the little boy you have there is adorable!!!

  9. Your daughters are my age! 🙂 Fantastic and cute family! I know some hairstyles and I want to email them to you but I have no one to help me take pics if I do it on my hair or I have no one to do it on. I can try to do it on my own and email it to you. Please respond to my email I have really cool hairstyles that I think will actually be worn a lot! ^.^

  10. twin one, love your hairstyle. twin 2, love your shoes,3rd daughter i love the waves in your hair and i love your dress, and 4rd daughter, love all you!all of them are really pretty they are so lucky they have a mom like you!

  11. WHEN IM OLDER I WANT TO BE EXACTLY LIKE YOU I WANT TO HAVE 4 daughters and i son im practicing to do my own hair so when im a mom i can do their hair! just like you!
    i want to be supermom!

  12. Cool! I’m just a little bit older than the twins!And all your girls do have beautiful eyes. The oldest twin’s hair looks so pretty! Can you give us the name of the hairstyles?

  13. thks 4 posting so many hairstyles! Cos’ i luv hairdoing but my mum can’t get round it so i have to do my own hair. Now i can do fancier hairstyles on my own. Thks

  14. i love your hairstyles i am a big fan i have learned a lot of your hairstyles but not as good as you do them your third daughter is so pretty actually all your daughter are and have beautiful eyes and good hair hope you live a happy life

  15. I’ve just discovered today your tutorials and website looking for french braid. It’s fantastic!!

    You have a beautiful family!!!

    Greatings from Germany!

  16. you know what?! i really had a great time watching all your tutorials! they are awesome, i have a 2 year old daughter and she has also a shoulder length straight hair…and before i discovered your video in you tube, i used to tie my daughter’s hair in two piggy tails…over and over again… i learned so much from it and literally adopted and keep on learning everything! thank you so much!!!

  17. I wear your hairstyles all the time on my hair and I can do most of them myself. You’re awesome and you have an amazing Family. I hope you get to film a lot of hairstyles soon!!!!
    Thank you so much.

  18. May I request a Video on how to style bangs?
    I have bangs and I love your videos. Such a beautiful family!!
    God Bless!

  19. I love your videos! I do these hairstyles on my little sister and on myself 🙂 I’m am pretty sure that I am close to the same age as your oldest daughters!
    Thank you for all the lovely videos!

  20. You are amazing and may you always continue to live a blessed and beautiful life—such a kind gesture for taking the time to share all your brilliant knowledge with everyone! I just had a little girl of my own and you have inspired me. 🙂

  21. Hi, Mindy I’m 11 and was wondering who is the oldest? do you live in Utah? I live in Utah and I am Lds. You have a neat family. It is just wonderful how great people are isnt it?

  22. HI
    What a beautiful family you have.

    Love your videos. Since finding them I have been trying them on my daughter(8yrold) and this term at school is the first time that I have EVER made an effort on the hair as I didnt think I could do styles.But thanks to your wonderful easy to follow vids she goes to school all glammed up…this morn she has gone with the tween bun flower..cannnot believe how good it looks:)our fav is the side pony with the french braid. and before your vids I didnt even know how to braid…

  23. I have the same question as Kristen. How did you get daughter #3’s hair??? Did you braid it over night or use the 3 inch barrel? Can you please make a video on however you did your hair. Your daughters all look cute and son too. Especially the one with all there hair looking alike (curly). So please make a video on it or like a step by step procedure , but i Prefer vidz better. Thanks!! and BYee

  24. can you make a vid on how to use a curlin iron please????
    also it would be nice 2 c your family in action, like your girls just playing and your hubby doin whatever he does, ust an idea, it woul be awsome if you could, this is an old e=mail adress-sorry.
    i love all your videos, b4 i fould this website al my girls lived in pigtails, ponys and braids!
    hope you get back to me soon….
    if ya do ill repost with my new e-mail address???? whats yours?? where do you buy your creams and stuff? i live in the uk so is there anywhere i could buy a topsy tail tool?? or is there any way i could possibly make one?? my 2nd daughter looks alot like ur 3rd daughter u nno!!! even the eyes!! well especially the eyes, theyre a slight different colour but all the same style, plz reply to this, all my love, salli xoxo

  25. Hi i am Destiny and I was wondering if you could do some hairstyle with bangs. Umm You have very beautiful children and i am about the same age of your twins and i also think that its is very cute that you adopted a son he is very handsome

    Thanks Lots

  26. What a beautiful family you sure have! I love getting new inspiration for my daughters ultra fine hair. I especially can’t wait to see how you got the beautiful waves from your family pictures….it’s something my little girl would absolutely love….and the mom as well! So excited! Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

  27. We don’t give out children’s names online in order to protect our children from any possible creepy internet stalkers! I’d rather be safe than sorry!

  28. I am 12 years old and I think that you have such a beautiful family! I love how cute daughter #3 looks! (not to say everyone else is super cute!) When I grow up I want to have a magnificent beautiful family too!(and I’ll be the hairdoing mom!)All your daughters have adorable, sparkling eyes! Without even meeting them, I can tell that they are angels at heart!

  29. We get asked a lot if we are done (we have 5 also- 4 girls & a boy) and I honestly can’t say either way.
    Your family is beautiful!

  30. What a beautiful family! So glad to see them all together and meet your little guy. He’s adorable. I’m also an adoptive mom to a beautiful seven year-old girl. I love you site and finally my daughter has beautiful hairdo’s.

  31. What a beautiful family! I have been visiting your blog for cute hair ideas for over a year. Thank you so much for all you do, even when you are busy raising your 5 adorable children!

  32. You have such a beautiful family – your girls are gorgeous and your son is beyond adorable. Thank you so much for sharing all these awesome hairstyles with us, and sharing a bit of your life too.

  33. What a lovely family,I live in the UK and its so nice to watch you’re videos and get some good ideas for my daughters hair.
    I have to say thanks to you i have become more confident,we even get comments from her teachers and other mums.

  34. Wow your family is pretty. I love these videos, and im sure you get alot of complements! i was wondering, how do you get your girls hair so long and pretty? My daughter has tried growing it out, but her hair is dry, and she straightens it, so there always seems to be split ends! thanks for your vids!

  35. How do you curl your youngest daughters hair? I have a short haired girl too (due to an incident with scissors) and she would look really cute with a few curls but nothing I do looks very good.

  36. Adorable family! Your daughters do all have beautiful eyes and your son is just plain cute. Thanks for the look around! It was great to hear your daughters speak because they’re always so quiet in the videos.

  37. What a lovely family. Our family is a bit opposite. We have two boys and recently adopted our baby girl. I have had short hair my whole life so I am an avid reader of your blog learning how to do my precious daughters hair. (she is two as well). So, I don’t know how you find time to maintain this blog, but thanks.

  38. Mindy, what a darling family you have! We (my 3 girls included) love looking for cute hairstyles…in fact whenever I want to try a new one they say…”is this hair from the hair blog?” And I usually have to answer yes!!! It’s fun to see that you are real people…and your kids are all beautiful!

  39. I love your site! Although there are a few sites out there that do hair, I follow yours because you are so nice to your girls. I loved seeing your family, thanks for sharing.

  40. I recently found your blog and have stalked you for hairstyles for my daughter. In fact just this school year I had my computer open early each morning the first week of school so she would have a new cute do for school! So thanks for that! Also I wanted to let you know that I just read your entire adoption journal.. what a beautiful story. I felt my heart swell with love in moments that I knew you were feeling the utmost gratitude for what God has blessed you and your family with; I cried tears of sorrow reading about your struggles as well as how your amazing birthmom must have felt in those last minutes. I can tell you that from what I read that sweet baby boy is in the best human hands and has the most amazing family. Your entire family is beautiful and I wish you all the best! Thank you for sharing your story.

  41. I love your website! It has helped me so much and your girls are so adorable. My question is what kind of culing iron did you use on the girls to get that kind of wave. So cute!

  42. Hi Mindy!
    Thanks for sharing the videos and your family with us. I enjoy seeing new hair ideas and it is great not to do the same thing over and over. God bless you! Have a wonderful fall!

  43. What a lovely family! How do you get daughter #3’s hair wavy…do you braid it the night before or do you use the special curling iron they have for that? it looks so gorgeous. I have the iron that does it but it takes soooooo long and i get very impatient, plus you have to use special hair stuff so it doesn’t look frizzy and poofy. just curious? Thanks…keep those videos coming 🙂

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