Reader Photos and H.o.M. Reminder

* Important Note: Don’t forget to enter our November’s Hairdoer of the Month” contest! The winning entry will be posted on Saturday, November 7th that is only two days away! Click the link to see submission guidelines! This has been a fun idea for the site and we want to see more of your cute do’s! Show us what you’ve got!!!

From time to time I like to peruse through all of your reader-submitted photos and gawk at your cute girls with super cute do’s! I recognized this morning that I have quite a few to post! Here’s a big thank you credit to Kelly, Lana, Annie, Janelle, Vickie, Marlowe, Karla, Noel, Sherrie, Sarah, Debbie, Shawn, Marah, and Leora!

Many of these do’s are from what we have posted here, but there are many of them that are your own creations! Look at all that innovation! Give a shout back and let us know what you think!!!

Again, don’t forget about November’s Hairdoer of the Month contest!

Happy Hairdoing!

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