School Bus Driver Teaches Kids a Lesson | Memorial Day Hero

I know this post has nothing to do with hairstyles, but this story shared by my twins Brooklyn and Bailey was simply so inspirational… I had to share!

My children had to make up a snow day at school yesterday, yes over Memorial Day, which didn’t sit super well with them, of course.

Yet we tried to stress to them the importance of remembering the purpose of Memorial Day, for family members and friends who have passed on and especially for those military men and women who died for our great country.

With the stresses of a few finals yesterday, we’re not sure anything we said sunk in.

On the way home from school, near the end of the bus route, it began to rain. Not a sprinkle of rain, nor a drizzle… but a huge DOWNPOUR!

Before our kids knew it, the bus rolled to a stop by the side of the road.

With everyone looking around to see what was the matter, the engine not running the bus driver set the emergency brake, quietly put on his hat, opened the door, and stepped out into the pouring rain. There was a collective groan from the remaining kids thinking that the bus had somehow broken down, right there on the side of the road.

It was a national holiday, and the kids had to go to school. Many of them had family visiting from out of town, and were so eager to get home and spend time with them. {I am sure there were plenty of BBQ’s, and cousins to play with.} A bus breakdown was the last thing they needed. Period.

As my girls turned to the window to see what the bus driver was working on, this is a snapshot of what what they saw…Memorial Day Bus DriverDuring the stormy downpour, one of the American flags posted along the sidewalk of a neighborhood {in commemoration of Memorial Day} had fallen to the ground.

This bus driver noticed it out of the corner of his eye, and acted in a way I am not sure many of us would.  He quickly, and without word, resolved to once again give this flag its opportunity to wave, in honor and love, to those who gave everything for its symbolic legacy.

As the bus driver, soaking wet, boarded the bus, he took off his hat. He sat down and once again continued the bus route. As he did so, one by one, the remaining few children began clapping for him. Some even stood.

My twins learned a great lesson yesterday, they said it was emotional for them, and that respect and national pride became contagious.

This was a simple act, for sure, but one that communicates much more than on face value. Perhaps this bus driver, Mr. Ismael Diosdado, had a parent, grandparent, child or grandchild who served in the military. Maybe one of them had died in that service, we do not know. Quite possibly… maybe he himself is a veteran.

This dear school bus driver, in what is likely one of the most unappreciated and thankless part-time professions, taught my children the true meaning of patriotism and respect for those who had sacrificed all for the freedoms we enjoy.

On this Memorial Day, Mr. Bus Driver, you are our hero!

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  1. Thank you so much Mindy for sharing this. Because most kids don’t really realize how important this day is. And you’ve given me a new appreciation for our veterans and soldiers. So thank you!

  2. A truly amazing story! Thank you, Mindy for sharing! Happy Memorial Day to anyone looking this!

  3. Oh yes! I heard from someone that bus or truck drivers a lot of times will put up American flags at different points on the highways, and other ones will come and help maintain them when driving by.

  4. The bus driver is my brother. His name is Ismael Diosdado, his name was left out so I wanted to furnish it for you. He was a paratrooper and served honorably.

  5. GOD BLESS AMERICA! This man is a hero, he also must have military background from somewhere, because it’s against the law for our flag to touch the ground. GOD BLESS this man. He doesn’t even know that he’s inspiring the world for his act of patriotism. You go Mr. Bus Driver! Keep on trucking.

  6. Inspiring Story! The most important thing I get from this, especially for all us Adults is that “KIDS ARE WATCHING”. They learn not just when we teach them but by osmosis, by observing us. What we do, or their peers do around them inspires or deters them! I am happy for your twins to have such an inspiring moment. I will have my twins read your story tonight.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a great story. you should write a letter to him and the school district recognizing him. Like you said in your post, they have a thankless job. It’s also nice to know that there are kids out there that are patriotic. I try to teach my kids to be patriotic in this crazy world.

  8. That is absolutely amazing! THANK YOU BUS DRIVER FOR KEEPING THE KIDS PATRIOTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mindy, thank you for sharing this story. As you said being a school bus driver is most of the time a job that is difficult but does not get the recognition it deserves. You and other parents of students on that bus are blessed to have someone that has integrity in charge of your children .

  10. i might not be living in USA but i know that story should be shared through facebook and other social media because not many people are doing this from this generation… this touching story made me tear up just by looking at the photo.. you are a hero

  11. I totally teared up too! What a great reminder of how a simple act can really spread patriotism, joy, love, etc!

  12. How sweet and amazing!! Must have sucked making up a snow day on a national holiday but in the end it was probably worth just to see that

  13. That brought tears to my eyes! I love it, and I love how that bus driver showed each one of those kids what patriotism really means. And what great kids to have recognized what he did, and to have clapped for him. Thank you for sharing such a heart-warming story!!

  14. This is amazing! My father is a veteran and I’m glad to be able to say it… Also I think that it is awful that they have to spend a make up day on Memorial Day. Up in Maine at my school, we make up days by going longer into the summer

  15. Wow, this story made me tear up! Good for the bus driver, and I’m glad your girls learned the value of Memorial Day!

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